Underground Recap: Kenzo Suzuki Debuts Against Norman Smiley


MLW Underground is back at the War Memorial in Fort Lauderdale and the league is just days away from Rise of The Renegades. As Styles is running down all the implications at stake, he gets word about Los Maximos backstage. The two dump thumbtacks on the floor before luring The Samoan Island Tribe out of their dressing room, They pursue Jose & Joel, but their footwork feels the wrath of the thumb tacks. Los Maximos makes them malleable with chair shots and back from break the action has spilled into the ring for a match (which was supposed to be the main event!)

Los Maximos vs. Samoan Island Tribe

A chair shot to Samu followed by a moonsault gets the near fall on Samu nearly right off the bell ringing. Manu then feels Los Maximos wrath before going to regroup (by slapping and headbutting one another). Their unortodox motivation works as the two big men take control of their younger foes. Manu hits a picture perfect vert suplex on Jose and soon follows up with a double underhook facebuster.

Samu then takes Joel to the back. Cameras are backstage and they follow the two to outside of the arena. Joel smaller size however comes into play as he outsmarts Samu and locks him out of the arena!

Meanwhile, Mana slams Jose down and follows up with a harsh senton. Jose writhes in pain, but her comes Joel with a few chair shots, both roll up Mana up and their leverage gets the win!

WINNER: Los Maximos

CM Punk sees the major change in Raven. He says he clearly lost his edge. He tries to think as to why he’s not the Raven he used to be. Maybe it’s because he’s used to making six-figure salaries. Maybe it’s time for Raven to realize that the drugs, the alcohol, the prima-donna lifestyle isn’t exactly what got the veteran to the dance. Perhaps it’s time to realize that being straight edge means that Punk is better than him.

Cut to Simon Diamond and CW Anderson. Will they face Dr. Death and The Sandman? Of course they will. They’ll face them anytime, anywhere, but it’s on their conditions. They have to face them both in singles matches to earn that Global Crown Tag Title shot. Only problem is is that The Extreme Horsemen don’t lose.

Good news and bad news: MLW has signed Da Hit Squad and they’ll be in action this Saturday night. The bad news is that Paul London will not be able to face Jerry Lynn as originally planned.

Backstage Jerry Lynn and Daniels relish in the fact that their plan came to fruition as Jerry got his win against Kid Romeo. Daniels says their work is not finished. In come The Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck. They would like to discuss a few things with the two. Lynn and Daniels like that prospect. Could we see an Army of Darkness in MLW? Styles thinks so.

Styles is joined by Homicide who shoves Joey out of the picture. He’s ready to make an impact. At Rise of The Renegades, someone is going to become just another victim.

We see Dynamite Josh Daniels. He’s ready to make his debut at Rise of The Renegades. Joey Styles runs down the card. It includes:

  • Steve Corino vs. Mike Awesome for the World Championship
  • Dr. Death vs. CW Anderson
  • Simon Diamond vs. Sandman
  • Norman Smiley & Raven vs. CM Punk & Michael Shane

Raven can’t believe he allowed Shane and Punk to drop toe hold him onto a steel chair not once, but twice. Some may say he have lost his edge. Raven dismisses those notions as he’s chosen Norman Smiley because he’s a man who’s timid and someone who he’d never associate for the simple fact that he’ll have to work twice as hard to beat both of the young up and comers.

Styles wonders who is going to try to collect the bounty placed on Terry Funk by The Extreme Horsemen at Rise of The Renegades. Backstage, the trio are celebrating their recent winnings. Steve Corino tells the whole locker room to bring all they got. The Horsemen haven’t even begun to lay claim to Major League Wrestling.

Mike Awesome says The Extreme Horsemen will go down because what they’ve done to him and Corino is in his cross-hairs.

We’re back with Los Maximos. Week after week, MLW showed clips of them getting their asses whipped, but now they have new footage to use. Tonight they pinned The Samoan Island Tribe and now they signed an open contract to go up against anybody. Expect the unexpected!

Kenzo Suzuki vs. Norman Smiley

Big “Norman” chants for Smiley as the arrogant and larger Suzuki shows his disdain for the crowd as he makes his MLW debut.

The two take their time assessing one another and they tie it up. A clothesline downs Norman and Kenzo immediately goes to gloating.

Back to it, Kenzo goes right for a side headlock and then shoulder blocks Smiley down. “USA” chants as we head to break. Another tie-up has Norman in control with some tight snapmares and Norman takes a moment to do a little wiggle.

That amps the crowd up, but Kenzo makes some noise of his own with some hard knife edge chops. He stomps Norman in the corner. A back elbow downs Smiley and Kenzo continues his assault with more chops and stomps. He even takes a shot at referee John Finnegan. Kenzo tosses Smiley to the outside.

The two brawl it out before getting back in the ring. Kenzo goes for a kick but Norman tries to lock the ankle. Kenzo gets to the ropes. Soon after, Kenzo hits a hard knee to the face of Smiley.

He shows Fort Lauderdale disrespect before turning Norman over for a Boston Crab. Norman wiggles free. Norman downs Kenzo with two clotheslines and then shows his strength with a bodyslam. He has Kenzo against the ropes and Big Wiggles him. He rolls Kenzo up for a two count.

Norman soon gets in a Fujiwa armbar, but the lengthy Kenzo reaches for the ropes. Suzuki then catches Smiley with a spear.

Then Norman gets folded up with a back suplex before Kenzo hits his shining wizard for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Kenzo Suzuki

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