Salina de la Renta: CONTRA’s insider

Konnan reveals Salina’s darkest secret… and it is a bombshell

Salina de la Renta is under investigation.

Following the shocking revelations by Konnan on Pulp FUSION (watch), the Empresaria finds herself with a lot of explaining to do. 

Konnan, who at one point was in possession of Salina de la Renta’s phone, has teased he would drop a bombshell and reveal her darkest secret.  As time went on, Konnan’s mind games with the Puerto Rican powerbroker clearly got on her nerves.  

Alleging Salina and Promociones Dorado was struggling with financial hardship, Konnan claimed the powerful Latina promoter/manager owes some “dangerous people” a “lot of money” in addition to an even darker secret unearthed by the legendary luchador and co-founder of AAA.

What no one anticipated is that Konnan would reveal Salina de la Renta as the “inside man” who aided CONTRA Unit.  

For nearly two years the league, fans and athletes have all speculated and theorized on who could be enabling CONTRA to gain access to arenas with heavy security as well as access to MLW’s headquarters and production trucks.  Now, all evidence points towards Salina de la Renta.

After a mysterious absence from MLW, the Empresaria herself teased in June that she had done something shocking. Was Salina flagrantly alluding to this treacherous act?

Unforgivably ruthless, Salina de la Renta has made a reputation as a cunning and cutthroat force in the sport.  If she indeed was backed into a corner, it stands to reason she would do whatever is necessary to keep Promociones Dorado and her lifestyle afloat. 

How long was Salina giving CONTRA access to MLW’s arenas, production infrastructure and corporation?

While the league’s investigation is in the preliminary stages, one league source indicates the business transactions were “on and off” over a two-year period with them at odds last fall when LA Park cashed in his golden ticket for a title shot at CONTRA’s kingpin and World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu.

Did they patch things up in time to facilitate Salina enabling CONTRA to execute their attack on MLW and AAA May 9th at the Super Series in Tijuana. Konnan believes so.

How much money did CONTRA Unit throw at Salina de la Renta? For how long? So many questions and thus far no answers.

Major League Wrestling officials are pursuing all leads as the investigation continues.  

In the meantime, Salina could face heavy sanctions and fines.  “All options are on the table, including suspending her license to promote in MLW,” said Court Bauer.  

With The Restart on the horizon, how will Salina’s alleged treacherous acts be received by MLW and its roster?  Salina de la Renta may be in for a rocky restart.

Konnan reveals Salina’s shocking secret on Pulp FUSION

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