Salina makes threats; CONTRA breaks silence

The Bruja is barking back.

Salina de la Renta has wasted no time in threatening Konnan and showing no remorse towards MLW following Konnan revealing the Salina’s dark secret that she facilitated CONTRA Unit gaining access to arenas, facilitated their ability to hack MLW broadcast feeds and more.

The league is currently investigating Salina and Promociones Dorado with sanctions likely on the horizon for the Puerto Rican powerbroker.

Sources close to de la Renta have confirmed the timeline that Salina’s shady business with CONTRA occurred up to last fall before a falling out, which led to Salina urging LA Park to cash in his golden ticket and challenge CONTRA kingpin Jacob Fatu for the World title.

There is speculation CONTRA and Salina made amends and that perhaps aided CONTRA in gaining access to the Tijuana arena during the closing moments of the MLW/AAA Super Series. If so, Salina could be blamed for career-ending injuries suffered at the hands of CONTRA’s chaos.

While Salina de la Renta unleashes on Konnan and MLW, CONTRA’s Josef Samael denied any affiliation with Salina… but is the megalomaniac to be trusted?

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