Josef Samael & CONTRA whereabouts unknown

Since last Thursday’s retaking of MLW’s headquarters rumors have been swirling about CONTRA – and the condition Josef Samael.

Samael, who had occupied MLW headquarters for over 6 months with SENTAI Death Squad members stationed all over the building, found himself on the run as MLW – lead by Alex Hammerstone struck back and reclaimed the league’s offices.

Hunkered down in Court Bauer’s office and remade into a makeshift CONTRA situation room, Josef Samael surveyed the assault on CONTRA soldiers as they were decimated by a unified MLW front.

In the shocking closing moments of the live stream, a concerned Samael can be seen just as the reinforced doors are demolished by MLW.  We then see Josef ignite an improvised explosive device as he screams.

What became of Josef Samael after the video cut off remains unknown. However, can confirm Samael was not found after the building was thoroughly searched in the aftermath of MLW ending CONTRA’s occupation of its offices.

An eyewitness claims to have seen an injured Samael limping towards an unmarked black SUV and fleeing. Another onlooker identified Ikuro Kwon in a truck across the street from headquarters at some point during the retaking of MLW headquarters. Did Samael escape this way? 

There are even those in the locker room who are adamant Josef Samael is still somewhere in the headquarters

Is Samael on the run? Is he holed up in a bunker readying CONTRA for its next strike? If history has proven anything it is that Samael and CONTRA thrive in the shadows and may in fact be at its most dangerous when out of sight.

MLW will continue to follow this story on the whereabouts of Josef Samael and CONTRA.

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