Underground Recap: Jerry Lynn Squares Off Against Homicide


Simon Diamond knows for a fact that Sandman dodged him in ECW because he knows his in-ring expertise could defeat the drunk easily. He and Dr. Death aren’t getting anywhere near those Global Crowne Tag Team Titles. CW Anderson wants to make sure that at the end of the night that all Sandman and he hear are “long live the Extreme Horsemen.”

It’s official: Jerry “The King” Lawler has been hired on as a bounty hunter for Summer Apocalypse to make sure that his old foe Terry Funk doesn’t make it for his title shot against Steve Corino.

Simon Diamond vs. Sandman

Bell rings and Simon smacks a super kick on Sandman. Hard shots followed by an arm drag. Lateral press only gets a one count, but Diamond continues on the offense. Sandman thwarts that by Sandman sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. Diamond tumbles out of the ring and Sandman isn’t one to stray away from such chaos. He brawls with Diamond on the outside before he gets Simon back in the ring to hang him out to dry. He comes crashing down on him with guillotine leg drop.

Sandman then follows up with a “Sandman-canrana.” Ref checks on Diamond and in comes CW with a super kick. Simon covers but Sandman kicks out. Diamond then hits a Gem Cutter for the pinfall W.

WINNER: Simon Diamond

Sadly that means Dr. Death and Sandman won’t get a shot at the belts. Just not meant to be, says Joey Styles.

We cut to CM Punk. Everybody’s curious about this Straight Edge Rules match. It’s very simple. All you have to do is understand the rules of being straight edge: no drugs, no alcohol, no promiscuis sex (no one-night stands). Everyone however is dying to find out what a Straight Edge match is. He’s done all Raven’s type of bouts, but Raven is aware that Punk has beaten him at his own game. What’s he gonna do when he has to play on Punk’s terms? It’s about high time he puts Raven out of his misery.

Mafia and Monsta Mack of Da Hit Squad think they made one hell of an impact in MLW against the Samoan Island Tribe. DHS – it’s all about us. They seem to have an addiction for Samoan blood. Their feud ain’t over. It’ll be over when they say it’s over. Who’s the toughest? Is it the east coast or is it the west coast? It’s the east coast. It’s yesterday against today and for them, they can say “game over.”

Rarely can you take a wrestler, mananger or promoter by the world, but you can take Corino’s because he delivered on that he’d retain against Mike Awesome. He’s brought the belt prestige and now Terry Funk wants to take a shot at the title. He only gets one shot and one shot only, and then he’s done. Get used to that, because when he’s retired for the 18th time, he’ll be watching Steve Corino stand tall as World Champion.

Samoan Island Tribe take exception to Da Hit Squad’s comments. Them as Samoans, they don’t die, they multiply. They’re going to make them pay for their comments and has some unsavory comments of their own for Mafia and Monsta Mack.

Jerry Lynn (with The Sinister Minister) vs. Homicide

Pre-match, Jerry gets on the mic to say that last time he was in Fort Lauderdale, Paul London was supposed to challenge him, but now he’s sold his soul to sports entertainment. He’s ready for his next victim. Out comes Homicide.

Jerry immediately jumps to advantage by stomping away at Homicide. He gives Jerry a pair of arm drags and a tilt-a-whirl head scissors that sends the vet ringside.

Jerry fights back with a kick to the gut and some shots. The two headlock takedown each other and Homicide rolls Jerry through after a back suplex reversal. Another impressive headlock takedown. Lynn soon shoulder thrusts Homicide in the corner. Monkey flip by Jerry but Homicide lands on his feet. The two try to attack one another on the canvas, but the target keeps moving. Homicide wrenches Jerry’s arm and maintains it for quite awhile. Jerry smacks himself free. Sinister Minister soon plays interfece but Homicide scouts Jerry and gets him out of the ring. That may not have been beneficial because Jerry sends him into the ringside guardrails several times before feeding Homicide a steel chair. He slams him off the ringside table and we cut to break.

Back from it, Jerry drops Homicide jaw first over his knee. Two count. Submission neck wrench by Jerry. Homicide gets to his feet. He lands on his feet after a German suplex, but Jerry soon hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Two count. Jawbreaker and a lariat gets another near fall.

Front chancery by Lynn but Homicide refuses to quit. Jerry locks in a sleeper standing up, but Homicide suplexes Jerry to the canvas. The Sinister Minister is trying to motivate Jerry to his feet, but when he doess he feels the wrath of a back body drop, back elbow and T-bone suplex. Two count.

Homicide avoids a low blow and gives Jerry a double footed dropkick. Jerry bails to the outside of the ring and Homicide tope sentons on top of Lynn to major chorus of “MLW” chants.

Homicide gets Jerry back in the ring and covers: 1-2-no. He chokes Jerry into the corner and soon hits a tornado DDT for a two count.

Chest chop to Jerry and he sends him into a corner. Jerry leaps away and hits a major sit-out powerbomb for the very near fall. The crowd is amped in Orlando. Jerry props Homicide up top and goes to suplex him off, but Homicide ain’t letting it happen. He gets headbutted off, but Jerry manages to catch Homicide with a spinning side effect and ge gets an almost W. Jerry goes for his cradle piledriver, but Homicide reverse. Jerry does howver hit a major TKO. 1-2-nope! Homicide just barely got the shoulder up.

Ref begins his ten count and it’s Jerry who makes it to his feet first. Jerry goes for a tombstone, but Homicide gets it turned around. He doesn’t hit all of his tombstone and Jerry kicks out. HOmicide goes for the Cop Killer but can’t connect. Homicide catcehs him with a Mafia boot for two.

It’s not long after that Homicide grabs the pinfall win off of Jerry when reversing a frankensteiner. This is the biggest win so far in Homicide’s career!

WINNER: Homicide

Jerry is irate backstage. Minister tries to settle him down, but Mikey Whipwreck comes in and sings “Don’t worry be evil.” Jerry and his two compadres laugh manically.

Cut to Homicide. How’s he like losing? He wants Jerry Lynn to bring it once more and Jerry’s ain’t the Whole F’n Show – Homicide is. We see Bill Alfonso and Sabu. They’re all set for Christopher Daniels in their spike match. He wants payback at Summer Apocalypse.

Joey tries to close out the show, but gets word to go back down to the ring and it’s Sandman and Dr. Death Williams are brawling with The Extreme Horsemen. It’s apparently a non-title match! If the two win, they get their shots at the belts. If they don’t, they’re gone from MLW forever!

Dr. Death Steve Williams & The Sandman vs. The Extreme Horsemen

It’s basically turned into a handicap match as Steve Corino joins the fray. They hit a triple superkick on Sandman and matters are looking grim.

Hold the phone as out comes Terry Funk to level the playing field! Neckbreakers and stunners for all three Horsemen. Sandman comes off the top with a senton on Simon for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Sandman & Dr. Death

Terry & Corino brawl it out to close the show, but it was The Funker who made certain that Sandman and Dr. Death will get the shot at the MLW Global Crowne Tag Titles!

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