Salina threatens lawsuit

Salina de la Renta has retained a high-profile Miami based law firm and is threatening to sue Major League Wrestling and Konnan for disparaging her. 

Three weeks ago, on Pulp FUSION, Konnan shocked the sports world when he revealed Salina de la Renta had facilitated the league’s security, broadcast transmissions and operations being compromised. 

Alleging that the Empresaria had taken funds from CONTRA and thus enabling the shadowy organization access to wreak havoc, Konnan outlined shocking revelations, which he discovered while having possession of her phone. 

Since that time, has learned Salina received undisclosed funds from the spring of 2019 – September 2019 before the relationship had a falling out upon LA Park electing to cash in his Battle Riot title shot.  

There are indications Salina and CONTRA briefly collaborated again on or near May 9th, 2020.  The belief is that Salina herself may have aided CONTRA in gaining arena access to the AAA/MLW Super Series on May 9th which set in motion the catastrophic seizure of the league by CONTRA.

“She’s knows what she did, and she has been fairly flagrant in hinting at it for 6 months,” bristled MLW CEO Court Bauer. “This legal maneuvering is classic saber rattling and nothing more.”

Driven by revenge is Salina de la Renta more dangerous than ever? We may just find out when MLW FUSION returns Wednesday November 18th.

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