Underground Recap: CM Punk Tags Up Against Norman Smiley & Raven


We see CM Punk with a Pepsi in front of him. He clarifies that it’s not his straight edge lifestyle combating with Raven’s “debaucherous” nature that fires his feud with the extreme loner, but it’s something more deep rooted. A lot of disappointment. It’s about fallen heroes and deconstruction of decadence. See, he has sacrificed everything to get to where he is at because someday he knew he was to face off with his nemesis. He’s been hungry for a long time and they haven’t been feeding him. Raven’s satiate Punk’s craving tonight.

Joey Styles promotes this coming Friday’s Summer Apocalypse as Terry Funk faces off against his long-time foe turned bounty hunter, Jerry Lawler.

CM Punk & Michael Shane (w/ Francine) vs. Raven & Norman Smiley (w/ G.I. Ho)

As Shane enters, Punk does a bit of a “showstopper” pose as the very blue Francine enters the ring. Punk grabs hold of the mic. He runs down Disney World before demeaning the crowd further as they embrace their very own hometown as a cesspool.

Raven and Norman enter and Smiley takes a moment to stare down Punk before the bell rings. It’s Punk and Raven squaring off first as the two circle one another. Punk soon tags in Shane before offering any offense and Raven tags in Norman. Shoulder block by Shane after he briefly bails, but Norman fires back with some hard clotheslines and flourishing it all with a swirling bodyslam. We head to break.

Back from it, it’s Raven and Punk agains as Orlando is fully behind him. Hard right hands by Raven followed by some corner kicks. He then bulldog lariats both Punk and Shane at the same time. He and Norman are feeling it as Punk and Shane try to collect themselves on the outside. Norman gets the tag and awaits Shane. “Norman” chants. Smiley goes for a lock up by Shane front kicks him and chokes him with a boot in the neutral corner. Shane goes for a high cross body, but Norman catches and slams him down. European uppercuts followed by one impressive double underhook slam.

Francine soon grabs the leg of Norman allowing Punk to get a shot in from the apron. Punk begins to boot away at Norman in the corner and it doesn’t look like Shane tagged in Punk. Nonetheless, Punk continues and vert suplexes Norman. Double suplex by Punk and Shane get a two count on Norman. Shane, back to being the legal man, locks in a chin lock. Raven is chomping at the bit for a tag as Smiley struggles to free himself. We go to our second commercial break.

Smiley gets back to his feet but gets kitchen sink to the mid-section. Norman is down as Shane chokes him on the bottom rope. Francine does the same while John Finnegan’s back is turned. Punk gets a backbreaker on Norman and covers for two as Punk struggles to keep Norman isolated. Raven gets the tag but Finnegan doesn’t see it. Shane and Punk continue their offense with a double underhook backbreaker followed by a diving elbow. Two count.

Smiley finds a major window when Punk collides with Shane attempting a top rope hurricanrana and tags in Raven who is a house on fire. He gives two knee lifts to his two oppoents and then gets a steel chair from the outside. Drop toe hold onto that blue steel for both Punk and Shane. Norman lariats Shane out onto the outside. Raven hits his Evenflow DDT and covers Punk but Francine comes in and breaks it up. Here comes G.I. Hoe and we got a “cat fight!” Shane sweeps in and superkicks G.I. Hoe. Norman tries to tend to her, but Shane hits Norman with a chair. Raven avoids a chair shot from Shane and goes to give him a DDT, but Punk throws powder in Raven’s eyes and gives him his own DDT for the pinfall victory.

WINNERS: CM Punk & Michael Shane

The Extreme Horsemen are backstage strategizing. CW Anderson and Simon Diamond have been watching tapes getting ready for their Tag Titles match against Dr. Death and The Sandman as John Finnegan walks in with a letter for Corino. He’s been suspended without pay and is barred from the building of St. Petersburg at Summer Apocalypse. If he tries to do anything, he’ll be stripped of the title. He’s aghast and furious. The Horsemen go to seek out who’s the orchestrator of all this.

Corino and Sandman are doing their own respective form of training, but Dr. Death wants to partake in Sandman’s regimine. Sandman obliges him with Budweiser. He says there is no way that they aren’t walking away with them Global Crowne Titles. They toast before downing them suds.

Newest Samoan Island Tribe member Ekmo is looking for Sabu but runs into a surprise attack by Da Hit Squad. Ekmo fights them off as much as possible but the numbers game comes into play as they hit him with his own carry-all before choking him with a stanchion rope.

The Sinister Minister isn’t scared of Sabu’s tactics. His uncle may be the original Sheik. He was a master of mad psychology and he should’ve learned those ways, because when you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. He and his opponent Mikey Whipwreck laugh manically.

After break, Bill Alfonso vows that Mikey Whipwreck will get his ass kicked by Sabu tonight.

The Samoan Island Tribe will be taking on Da Hit Squad in a Falls Count Anywhere match and you don’t want toys in Da Hit Squad’s hands. Now SIT is playing by Da Hit Squad’s rules. Monsta Mack and Mafia have made a living living for today. “You ain’t ever gonna be the same again!”

Mikey Whipwreck (with Sinister Minister) vs. Sabu (with Bill Alfonso)

The Human Highlight Reel readies himself as Whipwreck and the Minister plot their gameplan on the outside. Whipwreck runs in and the bell rings. Right hands by Sabu gets a one count, but Sabu quickly stays on the offense with a slingshot leg lariat and Sabu swiftly cinches in a camel cluth. Sinister Minister attacks Alfonso and it causes Sabu to break the hold. Mikey boots Sabu hard and goes on the attack. He throws Sabu onto the outside and tries to set him on on the table.

Sabu however grabs Mikey’s leg and trips him up on the apron. Sabu props Mikey on the table and ascends the turnbuckle, but the Minister meddles once more and shoves Sabu off. Mikey climbs the turnbuckle for a diving lariat and a two count.

Back from break, the table is in the ring as Mikey strikes Sabu in the kidneys. Another front kick by Mikey. He tries to set up the table but Sabu snags him with a DDT for a near fall. Sabu rolls Mikey on the table and Fonzie goes to hold him steady, but he pays for it and Sabu inadvertantly lands on Bill.

Whippersnapper by Mikey and he covers: 1-2-no!

Sabu stays focused and locks in another camel clutch. The Sinister Minister enters yet another time and blows a fireball in the face of Sabu!

Minister grabs Fonzie’s whistle and mocks Sabu. Mikey resorts to several steel chair shots, targeting the arm of Sabu. After some relentless blows, Mikey covers and gets the win.

WINNER: Mikey Whipwreck

Sabu’s arm may be shattered but that doesn’t stop Mikey from continuing the assault. Mikey mocks Sabu once more before him and James Mitchell make their way to the back. Fonzie checks on Sabu who is in major pain. Will he be ready for Christopher Daniels this Friday at Summer Apocalypse?

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