Hammerstone medical update


The latest on Hammerstone’s injuries

The office of Major League Wrestling’s physician Dr. Nelson Sweglar has briefed MLW.com on the status of Alex Hammerstone. The National Openweight Champion has officially been placed on the injury reserved section of the roster by the doctor, following an examination on Wednesday morning.

Dr. Sweglar has confirmed Hammerstone is currently recovering from a bevy of injuries suffered at the hands of CONTRA last week, including:

  • Rib contusion
  • Hyperflexion of the neck
  • Transverse Myelitis

The rib contusion is said to be similar to what New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had a few weeks ago.

Hyperflexion of the neck is an injury that occurs when you suffer whiplash when head is knocked forwards.

The most concerning perhaps, is the last injury, which essentially is swelling of the spinal cord.

Hammerstone, frustrated by his placement on the injured list, has offered to sign a legal release which would clear the league of any responsibilities pertaining to his injuries if he could be granted the right to fight. The league, in an abundance of caution has turned down this request. “Health comes first, everything else comes second,” said a league official.

Dr. Sweglar and his team are actively monitoring Hammerstone’s health and recovery.

After last week’s shocking ending to FUSION (watch), CONTRA revealed a masked soldier never before seen in Major League Wrestling as the international cabal unleashed their latest attack.

While details about this massive masked man remain unknown, it is certain CONTRA’s tarted attack on Hammerstone is likely due to the #1 ranked wrestler’s pursuit of a title versus title showdown with CONTRA kingpin Jacob Fatu.

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