Salina vows revenge after Jan. 6 show delayed

Where in the world is Salina de la Renta? Tune in to FUSION tonight to find out.

The card is subject to change, at least as far as Salina de la Renta’s touted January 6 FUSION special goes. 

Despite Salina’s bold proclamation promoting a January 6 FUSION special, MLW CEO Court Bauer confirmed plans for a Salina producer episode of FUSION are “delayed indefinitely due to her conduct surrounding her involvement with CONTRA.”  

Salina de la Renta has reportedly left the country. Her whereabouts remain unknown but a source inside Promociones Dorado has confirmed she will release a statement on tonight’s FUSION.

Salina de la Renta stormed out of MLW HQ earlier this week after a meeting went “very bad” for her and Promociones Dorado. 

While Bauer remained mum on the particulars, a source familiar with the situation confirms the league remains steadfast in holding Salina de la Renta accountable for aiding CONTRA Unit on and off over the past 2 years.

De la Renta has already had her promoter and managing licenses suspended indefinitely and while her contract does contain a third de la Renta produced FUSION, there’s also a morals clause that puts the future of de la Renta very much in question. 

What will Salina say on tonight’s FUSION? Where in the world is Salina de la Renta? Tune in to FUSION at 7pm ET tonight.

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