Holliday making dynastic moves going into the semi-finals


Richard Holliday has a dynastic plan for running through the 2020 Opera Cup… and plastering the 1915 historic cup with high dollar brands he hopes will sponsor him for the semi-finals and finals.

“My team is working on a very lucrative sponsorship package once I win the Cup,” said Holliday.  

With self-proclaimed “dynastic qualities,” Holliday sees the Opera Cup as a chance to cement his name forever in the sport – AND grab some prestigious sponsorships from the likes of Perrier and Rolex. 

“Luxury consumer brands all want to be a part of the history I’m making in this tournament,” Holliday continued. “When I win this, expect that old dusty piece of tin to be melted down and rebranded the Cartier Cup.”

While Holliday is focused on the dollar signs and glory he still has to get past the former World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki this Wednesday night on MLW Fusion. The question is, will he?

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