MLW Fusion #113: Von Erichs vs. CONTRA | Low Ki vs. Holliday – Opera Cup Semi Finals
  • World Tag Team Championship: Ross & Marshall Von Erich (c) vs. CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu & Simon Gotch)
  • Opera Cup Semi-Final: Low Ki vs. Richard Holliday
  • Calvin Tankman vs. Zenshi
  • Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku) debut!

The 2020 Opera Cup semi-finals kick off, and a marquee World Tag Team Championship highlights this edition of MLW Fusion, presented by

The war between CONTRA and the VE Nation reignites as World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu looks to become a double world champ when he and fellow CONTRA soldier Simon Gotch challenge Ross and Marshall Von Erich for the World Tag Team Championship! Can CONTRA gain control of another world title, or will the third generation sons of Texas fend off their toughest challenge to date?

The Opera Cup semi-finals commence this week with a unique styles clash that sees self-proclaimed Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday put his size and strength advantage to the test against the world class striker, Low Ki. It’s a first-time ever encounter!

Backstage correspondent Alicia Atout scores an exclusive with National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone about his return, CONTRA and more in this must-see interview.

The Heavyweight Hustle continues to be televised as 355 pound super athlete Calvin Tankman challenges the fast paced, high flying Zenshi!

Team Filthy’s Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku – collectively known as Violence Is Forever, make their official entry into the tag team debut!

MLW cameras travel across the globe to find out just where in the world Salina de la Renta is this week.

Join Rich Bocchini, Jared St. Laurent and backstage correspondent Alicia Atout for a night of tournament action and world title fights!

Fans can also watch nationwide on cable and dish via beIN SPORTS on Saturday nights at 10pm ET and on demand anytime, anywhere on DAZN.

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