$25k in damages from Hammerstone/Krügger brawl


Wednesday’s rampage rocks MLW

Many fans were upset that Alex Hammerstone’s anticipated return to the squared circle was pushed back due to a backstage fracas with Mads Krügger… but perhaps not as upset as Major League Wrestling.

MLW.com has learned the damage done from Wednesday’s Hammerstone/Krügger brawl is “at least $25,000 and counting.”

It all started early on during Wednesday’s FUSION when the SENTAI Death Squad attempted to take out Hammerstone and Richard Holliday as they arrived. Making short work of the 3 foot soldiers, the Dynasty marched into the building undeterred and ready for whatever CONTRA and Krügger had in store.

Later on, as Krügger displayed his calculated and painful offense on two wrestlers, backstage Alex Hammerstone was being restrained by officials and security from storming the ring. As a wall of humanity struggled to contain the Phoenix powerhouse, that wall finally crumbled upon Hammerstone laying eyes on Krügger upon the “Black Hand of CONTRA” coming through the curtains.

“He was like a bull seeing red,” said league official George Carroll. “That guy just tossed us and went straight at Krügger.” Carroll suffered scrapes to his face and a black eye during the bedlam.

CONTRA’s masked mercenary and the mighty Hammerstone would exchange headbutts, punches, kicks, gouges and whatever wasn’t nailed down as they brawled all over the building.

In a futile attempt to try and contain the chaos, security locked down the production sets, one of which housed Alicia Atout, who was on set to share the latest news on the January 6 Kings of Colosseum supercard. Several cameras were damaged forcing a brave but resilient Atout to go remote and use an IFB line to relay her report as Hammerstone and Krügger waged war only feet away.

Later on, during the Tale of the Tape for the Opera Cup semi-finals, viewers at home may have briefly experienced some brief static and disruption. Later it would be reported that Krügger had slammed the National Openweight Champion into the side of the TV production truck… only for Hammerstone to whip Krügger into the back-up generators for the satellite up-links.

With security advising the league that law enforcement was the only way to possibly cease this endless carnage, a large police presence arrived shortly after FUSION went off the air as Krügger hopped into a MPT truck driven and drove off into the dark.

Hammerstone refused medical treatment and left soon thereafter with Richard Holliday.

While the damage to Krügger and Hammerstone remains unknown, the damage to the TV truck, generator, satellite uplinks and interior/exterior of the building was noticeable and answering the question going into FUSION: could the building contain Hammerstone and Mads Krügger? No, it couldn’t.

If this Wednesday is any indication, Mads Krügger vs. Alex Hammerstone for the National Openweight Championship at Kings of Colosseum is going to be a fight for the ages.

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