Low Ki fights knee injury in Opera Cup; undergoing tests


Following last night’s Opera Cup Finals, Low Ki required medical treatment to his knee.

It is believed Tom Lawlor’s targeting of Low Ki’s knees with relentless kneebars and leglocks for over 20 minutes in the finals comprised Ki’s knee.

In the closing moments of the match, Low Ki proved to have an ace up his sleeve by employing his signature move, the Ki Krusher. Crashing down partially on the bottom rope, it was evident Low Ki’s knee sustained further damage.

Likely sensing a critical injury, Low Ki went for broke unleashing a successive offensive strike in the corner… only for his knee to give during the final koppu kick. This enabled Lawlor to quickly compress Ki in a bridging pin for a pin and taking the 2020 Opera Cup.

In the aftermath, Low Ki alerted MLW’s medical team that his knee was in severe pain. Low Ki is expected to undergo tests to see if he has an ACL/PCL/MCL injury.

“In these situations you’re hoping to avoid a tear or full rupture,” said Dr. Sweglar. “If strained or even inflamed, the tendon can recover in a matter of weeks. If it’s something more serious, we may be talking months or well over a year.”

Low Ki has already undergone 4 surgeries on his left knee. “Low Ki has around 60% cartilage left in that knee,” Dr. Sweglar added. Low Ki’s right ACL was destroyed by Akebono in 2013. In 2017, Low Ki almost had the femoral head broken off in a bout in Germany.

“When you look at the wars and battle damage Low Ki has endured, and how he’s still a top level fighter, you realize how damn tough and special Low Ki is,” added Court Bauer.

Low Ki will undergo further tests today in Orlando, Florida.

Never one to miss an opportunity to take a shot at Low Ki, King Mo took to Twitter and claimed Low Ki shouldn’t have been in the Opera Cup in the first place. King Mo and American Top Team have been steadfast in touting King Mo was overlooked in the tournament.

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