MLW hosts winter meetings with promoters

Promoters participate in summit to discuss strategic alliances for 2021 and beyond.

MLW hosted a virtual winter meetings summit with select promoters around the world early this morning.

“The topics ranged from talent exchanges to possibly sharing content in addition to other opportunities that I am not at liberty to discuss,” said Court Bauer. “There’s an appetite for more collaborative efforts from the front offices to the fans. The key is finding ways that our goals can align enough to make this sustainable”

Since 2019, the league has worked to construct strategic alliances with international federations to create a unified global system to help introduce the sport to new markets, exchange talent, collaborate on content and develop opportunities for fans, athletes and the sport.

It is MLW’s mission that these efforts present dream matches, easily accessible high quality content and advancements in the sport, with events like the Super Series.

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