Salina causing chaos in pre-production of FUSION

Salina de la Renta raising hell in preparation for her FUSION special

Is Salina de la Renta fostering a toxic workplace as she readies to be the executive producer for this Wednesday’s MLW FUSION?

That’s the word from several production crew members and staffers who are working around the clock and scrambling to appease Salina’s every whim.

Not even Alicia Atout is immune to the wickedness of the Puerto Rican powerbroker, as Salina shared today on Twitter:

Salina de la Renta’s MLW FUSION airs this Wednesday at 7pm ET, featuring:

  • Ross & Marshall Von Erich (champions) vs. Los Parks (with Salina de la Renta) – Tornado Tag Team Championship featuring Tom Lawlor as referee
  • Mil Muertes debut
  • Salina’s special surprise for Konnan

More bouts are expected to be released prior to Wednesday’s show.

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