Salina bans Alicia Atout from MLW meeting

Promociones Dorado empresaria clashes with Alicia Atout

Tonight Salina de la Renta will serve as the executive producer of MLW Fusion. Contractually empowered to be the show runner, matchmaker and boss for one night only, the Empresaria is already making waves.

Alicia Atout was escorted from the entrance to the parking lot by security. The security commented to that they felt it was “wrong” but “the boss is the boss… tonight and her name is Ms. Salina.”

After Alicia shared her experience on Twitter, Salina wasted no time to fire back at the popular MLW backstage correspondent and host.

What will happen when Salina de la Renta presents MLW FUSION tonight? Tune in at 7pm ET and experience the Empresaria’s vision live.

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