Who attacked ACH?


Was it Team Filthy? CONTRA?

With ACH committed to realizing his dream and challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship this Wednesday, many questions still surround the brutal attack on the Texan.

Who would gain from injuring and possibly removing ACH from the match against CONTRA kingpin Jacob Fatu?

MLW.com examines the most likely culprits:

Team Filthy?
Tom Lawlor and his fight team of miscreants have not been shy with protesting ACH getting a crack at the championship. Lawlor, who won the 2020 Opera Cup feels he has been passed over and disrespected by having league officials elect to give ACH a title shot.

Lawlor has been badmouthing ACH since the Texan went to train with the Von Erichs in advance of his Opera Cup semi-final bout against Lawlor. Could ACH’s ties to Ross and Marshall have figured in?

There’s also some questionable evidence. A fan took a video of two individuals, who resemble Kevin Ku and Lawlor. Unfortunately, the video was blurry and deemed inconclusive by authorities.

CONTRA’s M.O. has been to strike when victims least expect it. Yet they are often brazen with their attacks, never cloaked in disguises, unlike the attackers that assaulted ACH.

Another calling card of CONTRA is their propaganda videos heralding an attack and gleefully taking credit for it. Thus far, the international cabal has been silent on the matter.

Bottom line:
While rumors and speculation swirl surrounding the attackers, no one has stepped forward. An anonymous source inside the office of Wrestling Operations believes it is likely Team Filthy. Lawlor was slated to participate in a Filthy Island site survey along with his fight team at the time of the attack, but pulled out 24 hours in advance conveniently claiming “scheduling conflicts.”

Regardless of rumors and innuendo, ACH remains undeterred in his quest to fulfill his lifelong dream in challenging and winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

Will ACH dethrone CONTRA’s Jacob Fatu for the World Heavyweight Championship? Find out this Wednesday at 7pm ET.

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