Outrage over title switch puts pressure on MLW


Fans demand MLW and the Athletic Commission reverse the decision

Fans have vociferously complained about Tom Lawlor’s officiating during the controversial World Tag Team Championship bout on this week’s MLW FUSION.

Fans took to social media to share their frustrations with Ross and Marshall Von Erich getting blatant slow counts while Los Parks benefited from rapid counts. Then there’s Lawlor actively giving tips to Los Parks during the bout, as captured by one of the ringside cameras.

MLW.com reached out to the Athletic Commission, which is the sanctioning body responsible for assigning referees.

“The integrity of championship bouts is very important,” states the Athletic Commission’s Ed Brock. “MLW, like any wrestling organization, has the right to have their matchmaker substitute a commission licensed wrestler. This often is done for a promotional purpose, featuring a boxer or celebrity. We issue a one-day license for the person upon successful completion of a safety and rules entry test.”

Brock continued, “Salina de la Renta was was MLW’s designated matchmaker for this card and went through the proper procedures to invoke a special referee for her match. While the outcome of the championship contest is unpopular, the Athletic Commission will not take further action at this time.”

As for MLW pursuing reversing the decision, a source within the office of Wrestling Operations confirmed Salina de la Renta’s contract as Executive Producer gave her “absolute autonomy” to take the actions she did in naming Lawlor the referee. As the promoter/executive producer of record for the January 13th MLW card, Salina holds all the cards… and now the tag team titles.

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