Savio Vega calls out Richard Holliday TONIGHT

What will Savio say?

“The Pride of Puerto Rico” says “enough is enough” and tonight is the night Savio Vega calls out the self-proclaimed Caribbean Heavyweight Champion Richard Holliday.

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of Richard Holliday stealing the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship in Dallas. After defeating Savio Vega in a non-title bout, Holliday slithered out of the ring and discreetly grabbed Vega’s championship from the time keeper’s table.

Since then, Richard Holliday has fancied himself the Caribbean Heavyweight Champion. Brazen enough to defend the title against wrestlers throughout the Caribbean – including a series of bouts on a private island, Holliday has paraded from Bermuda to the Bahamas as the self-proclaimed champ. This despite the sports ministry of Puerto Rico rejecting and flat-out denouncing these claims.

Sending legal threats and demanding MLW and IWA Puerto Rico acknowledge him as the undisputed Caribbean Heavyweight Champion, Holliday has been defiant in returning the belt to its rightful owner, Savio Vega.

What does the brawling Boricua have in mind when he calls out Holliday tonight? Tune in to FUSION tonight at 7pm ET to find out.

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