Filthy Island fighting financial woes?

Sponsors pull out due to “Filthy Screwjob” and ACH attack

Is Filthy Island fighting financial woes? That’s the question on everyone’s mind.

Rumors are swirling that the 2020 Opera Cup winner has gone from hosting Filthy Island on the beaches of Honolulu… to well, more economic options on the island. has learned that Lawlor is facing big sponsors, such as Reebok, Vitamins & Minerals and New Law Offices all pulling out of backing the MMA turned pro wrestler’s tropical fighting extravaganza.

The backlash to last week’s “Filthy Screwjob” where Lawlor played a big part in Ross and Marshall Von Erich losing the World Tag Team Championship has caused outrage amongst fans and the sporting media alike.

Then, there are the allegations that Team Filthy attacked ACH outside his gym days prior to ACH challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship. Many believe Lawlor was bitter ACH got the crack at the champ… as well as ACH’s affiliation with the Von Erichs.

With scandals snowballing for Lawlor and Team Filthy, sponsors affiliated with Filthy Island appear to want nothing to do with Lawlor or his event.

Never one to be shy about making his thoughts known, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor has asked to address the “unfounded allegations” this Wednesday on FUSION.

What will Tom have to say about the scandals?

Can Lawlor turn the ship around in time for the February 17 island extravaganza?

Tune in this Wednesday at 7pm ET to find out.

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