Salina files complaint report against Alicia Atout

Is the bruja bitter about her FUSION interview?

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s interview with Alicia Atout, Salina de la Renta has filed a report with the league’s Human Resources department.

Below is a copy of the complaint:

Salina de la Renta
Salina de la Renta

Alicia is creating a toxic workplace. She has tried to publicly shame me on social media and hurt my career, my brand and reputation which I have worked hard to make so positive. I fear Alicia’s attacks on social media could harm my work with orphanages. To be targeted by a foreigner (she is CANADIAN) in such a hostile way has given me immense grief.

I can no longer accept being a victim, which is why I have formally filed a complaint against this pendeja.

Salina de la Renta

MLW Human Resources is obligated to investigate any and all complaints. However, according to a league source, there is immense skepticism about Salina’s claims.

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