Los Parks invoke Freebird clause


Los Parks have invoked the “Freebirds” clause in their contract as champions in advance of their first title defense this Wednesday on FUSION.

A league confirmed that Promociones Dorado made a power play prior to Los Parks walking out for their title match on Salina de la Renta’s FUSION last month. Insisting language be added to their deal that stipulated any and all versions of Los Parks be deemed champion title defenses, Los Parks now have a strategic advantage that allows any combination of the trio to defend the belts on any given night.

“They had us over a barrel,” said one official asking for anonymity. “It was either we lose our main event, or acquiesce. We didn’t want to let the fans down, so we made a tough call with the proverbial gun to our head.”

Will the “Freebird” clause be exploited in their first title defense as champions this Wednesday night on FUSION? Tune in at 7pm ET and find out.

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