Lawlor salvages Filthy Island after financial woes

Lawlor bailed out… but at what cost?

After some unforeseen “financial restructuring,” Tom Lawlor’s Filthy Island is back on course, just barely dodging financial ruin and bankruptcy for Team Filthy. can confirm Lawlor along with Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini were escorted off the Marriott Beach Resort property earlier this week by security. The resort was the original location for Filthy Island.

While a new location as well as details on cost-cutting measures remain unclear, has learned that Fanene SPAM is the new title sponsor for the February 17th special.

Fanene SPAM is a Polynesian company under investigation for containments in their products.

“Cash is cash” barked Lawlor when asked by phone about his new sponsorship deal.

Sponsors, such as Reebok, Stephen P. New and Vitamins & Minerals all cancelled their sponsorship deals citing a morals clause after Team Filthy’s alleged attack on ACH and the infamous “Filthy Screwjob” involving Tom Lawlor’s conduct during the Von Erichs/Los Parks World Tag Team Championship.

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