Lawlor en route to hospital; stiffs several in pay

Filthy Island ends with a crash

Tom Lawlor is being transported to a local hospital in unknown condition.

In an unfortunate ending to the show for the first-time promoter, Lawlor crashed through the windshield of the Von Erichs’ jeep.

The vehicular/fighter crash was the punctuation on a peculiar night of prize fights in paradise. In the aftermath of the King Mo-Low Ki rematch, a melee broke out as Team Filthy circled Low Ki looking to likely jump the “Lone Wolf of Brooklyn.” Fortunately, Low Ki would get some unexpected back-up in the form of Ross and Marshall Von Erich.

Lawlor appeared to have sustained some cuts to his back but refused to be examined and fled the scene… conveniently before he could pay the camera operators, ring crew, and wrestlers.

The state of the Von Erichs’ Jeep remains unclear.

Watch Tom Lawlor’s Filthy Island in full for free below.

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