Low Ki: What’s next?


The former World Champ is making plans

After a dominant showing on Filthy Island culminating in choking out King Mo, “The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn” has settled the score with the American Top Team fighter. But what’s next for the former World Champ?

Tom Lawlor reportedly is furious with Low Ki along with the Von Erichs for “ruining Filthy Island.” Although, one could argue it was ruined the moment it hit airwaves.

Those close to Low Ki’s fight camp have indicated the knockout artist is interested in a championship fight. But which title?

Fatu vs. Low Ki is a naturally fascinating title clash.

Hammerstone vs. Low Ki would be a battle for the ages as a first-time encounter.

Lio Rush vs. Low Ki is a money title match just like the two mentioned above.

Meanwhile, there’s rumors that Azteca Underground’s proprietor has “aggressive plans” for 2021. Adding Low Ki to the mix certainly would cement the mysterious organization as a force for years to come.

When reached for comment about what’s next, Low Ki declined to comment but knowing the Brooklyn native, his actions will speak louder than his words… and likely sooner rather than later.

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