Fusion Recap: Hammerstone Defends Openweight Gold Against LA Park


Alexander Hammerstone has held the National Openweight Title for almost a span of two years, but the champion quite possibily has his biggest undertaking tonight on MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) as he defends the belt against LA Park. Park looks to seek more in support of “El Jefe” and Azteca Underground.

The show starts off will Alicia Atout standing by the undefeated Calvin Tankman. He came in to clear house of CONTRA last week and in turn saving Injustice from literally being body-bagged by Jacob Fatu and the Sentai Death Squad. He further stakes his claim about being the man to beat as Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed approach Tank to show their appreciation. Tankman gladly accepts the acknowledgement as Myron Reed aims for the three to handle business against CONTRA’s crew.

Gringo Loco vs. Gino Media

The two circle one another as Medina runs his mouth at the official. The two one-up each other with rolls and tumbles before Gringo pulls Gino by the ponytail to slam him down. He then thrust kicks Gino out before diving on top of thim on the outside. Gringo sends Gino back in for the two count cover.

Gringo goes for a springboard cross body but Gino catches him with his knees and gets a two count of his own.

Powerful sidekick and and a stomp by Medina sets Gringo up to be strangled by the second rope and it isn’t against Medina’s loose morals to do such. In the center of the ring, Gino has his legs wrapped around the mid-section of Gringo for a buzz killer before elbowing Gringo hard in the kidneys. A slingshot senton gets a two count.

A hard kitchen sink sends Gringo flipping over for a pin attempt, but Gringo fights on. Gino digs his knee in the back of Loco as he constantly talks trash to his fallen foe.

Gino sets Loco up high, but Gringo fights him off. After another shove, Gringo downs Gino for a beautiful springboard moonsault off the ropes for a near fall. Gringo’s ribs have got to be feeling that.

Gringo hits a back handspring elbow before turning that into a Curtain Call reverse DDT. Two count. Gringo soon goes for a springboard cutter, but slips and Gino makes him pay with a stiff 540 kick. 1-2-kickout. Almost a costly mistake! Gino climbs up top and Gringo fires at him with some punches. It sets Gino up for a stellar Spanish Fly and it gets a very near fall.

Gringo goes for a bomb, but both men reverse it into pin attempts. Gino snake eyes Gringo in the corner and flings him into the corner for a wheel barrow and stutter kicks Gringo crisp in the back of the head and it’s good enough for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Gino Medina

Post match, Gino makes it clear he’s in a league of his own. He calls his former Dynasty brother Richard Holliday nothing but a keyboard warrior and he looks to take him out next.

Tom Lawlor makes it clear he’s going to sue the cowboy boots off the Von Erichs for what they did to him and his Filthy Island brand. He then gives kudos to ACH for stepping up to the plate against Kevin Ku and showing his willingness to get his head kicked off by one half of Violence Is Forever. Tom seems a tad frustrated.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Top Five Middleweight Rankings:
(5) Brian Pillman Jr. (4) Bu Ku Dao (3) Myron Reed (2) Daivari (1) Laredo Kid

We join Alicia Atout backstage once more as she presents an open contract to challenge Lio Rush for the Middleweight Title is posted to the wall. It’s first dibs for any star willing to face “The Man of The Hour.”

Kevin Ku (with Dominic Garrini) vs. ACH

The dukes are up as the bell rings to begin the match, but both men lock up hands. ACH is the first to power the other down, but both men soon reset. ACH lures Ku in for a side headlock and Ku pushes him into the corner for a shoulder thrust and some stiff stomps. Ku does a deadlift gutwrench suplex that is indeed ever impressive.

Both men slap on another on the mat and a big chop stuns Ku briefly. He however, comes back with some elbows to the gut and then a backbreaker that downs the man from Houston, TX. Ku ties ACH down on the mat, but some taunting kicks coerces ACH back to his feet and the two trade further shots. Very stiff by Ku which was flourished by a roundhouse. He covers, but ACH is too close to the ropes.

Ku displays his power once more as he flips ACH over for a suplex. ACH tries to recover but Kevin stays on the offensive with measured shots. He follows up with a stinging headbutt and that’s when Ku starts honing in on ACH injured ribs.

ACH stomps hard on Ku’s back and gets a near fall. He winces in pain due to his ribs. Ku blocks a suplex attempt, but then again so do both men which ACH turns into a modified gordbuster. He follows up with a kick to the forehead and ACH covers. 1-2-kickout. Ku is bleeding from the mouth, but he fights on with a burning hammer. A very near fall as Ku crimson continues to pour from Kevin’s mouth. ACH fights on and nails a savate kick, but Ku back body drops him and kicks ACH back. Two count. This battle is back and forth.

ACH is on the apron and Ku takes a moment to distract the official. Living up to that Team Filthy name, Garrini flings ACH off the apron to blatantly attack the recovering competitor. Thankfully, the Von Erichs emerge from the back to even those odds. Amidst the chaos, ACH dives on top of everyone.

We’re back to an even playing field, and despite those injured ribs, ACH catches Ku with his brainbuster and receives that pinfall victory.


The Von Erichs stand tall with the victor, as Tom Lawlor comes out to talk smack to his perhaps future oppositions in court.

Big match announcement next week as Bu Ku Dao is going to blot out the bullying from his mentor as he’ll be facing TJP one-on-one!

Rich Bocchini is handed a note courtesy of that mysterious Azteca Underground associate to notify that the production crew was instructed to air a following video showcasing Mil Muertes.

We cut to Alicia who is standing with The Dynasty. Hammerstone makes it known that he sees Muertes as a beast, a monster of a man, That however, happens to be the same adjectives and the same verbage about anybody in MLW coming in as a threat. Alicia says the same has been said about LA Park, his opponent tonight. Hammer notes The Destroyer has been doing just that since Hammer was in diapers, but is time catching up with The Chairman? Salina de la Renta comes in to silence the smack talk. She thinks CONTRA has gotten to his head, but Hammer makes it clear that “YBH” is up for any challenging including Park tonight.

Injustice is out in the parking lot and want to note that they complete respect for Los Parks. Unlike CONTRA, they have respect for the legends who have paved the way for people in this business, but they also have their eyes on the prize: those Tag Team Titles.

Alicia shows us that someone took that Middleweight Title Contract from the wall and she’s going to find out who.

We get a response from CONTRA regarding the alliance of Injustice and Heavyweight Hustle Calvin Tankman. Jacob Fatu calls Tank some unchoice words before stating that he should have joined the black flag of CONTRA, but now he’s gonna “dog walk his ass” all over MLW. The World Champ notes that they’ll be watching Injustice’s Tag Team Title challenge next week very closely.

It is made official: On March 31, at MLW Never Say Never, Jacob Fatu will defend his World Heavyweight Title against Calvin Tankman!

National Openweight Championship
LA Park (presented by Salina de la Renta and Azteca Underground) vs. Alexander Hammerstone (c)

The two behemoths hold up their respective titles as the two exchange harsh words. LA Park mockingly gestures at the Meat Castle before shoving him.

Those shoves turn to massive shots back the man and they collide into one another multiple times. Top shelf dropkick by Hammer downs Park and that sends his two sons sauntering out to ringside.

Jared St. Laurent suddenly gets word that a masked man who has been lurking around the arena is now in the building. Three big shoulder tackles by Hammer puts Park in the corner, but the caginess of the veteran lures the official in and his boys pull hammer out for a blatant beatdown.

Hammer gets hurled back into the ring and Park chokes him with his boot as El Hijo mocks the champion with his shades on. LA Park wisely places the big man into the corners to keep him grounded. Park takes off his belt and begins to crack Hammer with it. Chin lock cinched in, but Hammer shows his resilience by catching Park up top with a ring shaking superplex! 1-2-no!

Both men battle it out on their feet, but Park gives Hammer a knee and tosses him to the outside. They fight it out on the floor before Park gets back in the ring first. This may have been a mistake as Hammer catches him solid on the apron and then puts Park on his back with a shotgun dropkick from up top.

Hammer feels the fire and catches Park with a flurry before catching him flush with a running lariat! He hits LA Park with another in the corner and follows through with a wrist suplex.

St. Laurent receives word that both Gino Medina and Richard Holliday have been ejected from the building due to backstage brawl that caused some property damage! As that is revealed, Hammer is caught with a solid clothesline to the back of the head before getting hit with a running knee. Kick out at two. Hammerstone scouts a charge by Park who meets flush with the ring post. Hammerstone signals for a Nightmare Pendulum, but Los Parks get involved once more. It opens their daddy up to hit a DDT that dazes the champion. Park nails Hammer in the sternum with a running knee and covers. 1-2-kick out!

Park sets up in the corner to size Hammer up for the spear, but YBH gets his foot up to kick The Chairman in the chest. He plants Park with a German suplex and hits a major elbow to the back of the neck for the decisive 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL National Openweight Champion: Alexander Hammerstone

The historic championship reign continues as Hammer retains his Openweight gold. As he recuperates, who comes out but Mil Muertes! This had to be the masked man who broke into the arena! He viciously assaults Alex before grabbing the Openweight title and handing it to Salina. This isn’t gonna sit well with Alex once he comes to, but for now, Azteca Underground are becoming a greater threat across the landscape of the league.

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