Krügger to break silence TONIGHT

What does the Black Hand of CONTRA have to say?

Mads Krügger will make a statement tonight on FUSION, has confirmed. The international cabal identifying itself as CONTRA Unit has seen an uptick in online chatter indicating tonight Krügger will break his silence.

Much has been theorized about the masked mercenary of CONTRA since the Baklei Brawl where Mads Krügger’s games of deception left Alex Hammerstone knocked unconscious. The timing for a statement from Krügger has raised eyebrows, given last week’s events involving Mil Muertes’ attack on Hammerstone which saw the luchador take possession of the National Openweight Championship.

Where has the Black Hand of CONTRA been? What does he have to say? Tune in tonight to FUSION to witness what Mads Krügger has to say!

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