Bu Ku Dao hospitalized


Popular newcomer undergoing a series of neurological tests

Last night Bu Ku Dao was set to fight his idol and mentor TJP after a disheartening sequence of events that resulted in a rift in their relationship. The match, however, was delayed due to a backstage altercation involving TJP and Bu Ku Dao which saw the popular Vietnamese competitor left unconscious on the floor.

Bu Ku Dao was swiftly transported via ambulance to a local hospital where he is undergoing neurological tests to determine the extent of his concussion and injuries.

“For the athlete’s health and safety, we’re keeping (Bu Ku) under observation for another 24 hours,” states league physician Dr. Nelson Sweglar. As for a return to the ring, Dr. Sweglar remains cautious. “Let’s take this one step at a time. The health and well being is paramount. A return to the ring is a discussion for another day.”

TJP was ejected from the building and later suspended for his conduct.

Watch the shocking events of last night’s altercation and more for free in FULL below.

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