Reed wants Rush in rematch

Could a big championship fight be on the horizon?

The evolution of the Young GOAT over the last few months has been an incredible journey. From hitting rock bottom after being defeated by Lio Rush for the World Middleweight Championship, the newly minted ex-champion would be savagely attacked by CONTRA.

In the months thereafter, Reed would become fixated on getting some retribution for both himself and his fallen former member of Injustice, Kotto Brazil, who saw his MLW career end prematurely at the hands of CONTRA last May.

Refusing to invoke his rematch clause, Reed insisted on first handling unfinished business with Daivari and CONTRA. For the next several months, Injustice would find itself battling CONTRA leading up to a final showdown at Never Say Never.

Watch Reed vs. Daivari

With Reed vanquishing Daivari at Never Say Never, is the Young GOAT now finally looking to lock in his rematch for the World Middleweight Championship?

According to a source close to Reed’s camp in Louisville, the answer is YES.

Is Reed/Rush 2 in the cards? will continue its coverage of a potential Reed/Rush 2 as the story develops.

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