Marshall Von Erich injured

Marshall Von Erich on the injured reserve list

Marshall Von Erich suffered a knee injury during the chained ropes match against Team Filthy’s Violence is Forever.

During the match, Violence is Forever smashed Marshall’s knee into the galvanized chain rope en route to Marshall crashing out of the ring where he suffered further damage.

The knee is the same one Tom Lawlor clubbed in November 2019, resulting in Marshall having to go on the injured list just as he was set to challenge Jacob Fatu for the World Championship.

Was Team Filthy being strategic in once again targeting the same knee? Only “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku know for sure – and they’re not talking (for once).

As for a prognosis, the league’s chief medical physician Dr. Swelgar says, “Marshall’s anterior cruciate ligament is fairly swollen and giving him problems with stability when walking. The good news is that he doesn’t have any tears. This is similar but to patellar tendonitis. Ice, rest and elevation should have Marshall cleared in 10 days but it is likely he’ll suffer chronic issues with the knee… perhaps for the rest of his career.”

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