Krügger threatens to ELIMINATE Hammerstone tonight

Moments ago received a transmission deemed to be “CONTRA propaganda” featuring a video of Mads Krügger. In the video, the 7 foot intimidator hints he could be lurking nearby in the shadows as Alex Hammerstone battles Mil Muertes in a National Championship bout.

Krügger, who last was in action in the Baklei Brawl where he tricked Hammerstone with a game of deception, returned to a CONTRA camp in the mountains of Russian. According to Josef Samael, Krügger has been training and readying for the next strike. Could that strike be tonight?

Is Mads Krügger and CONTRA simply playing mind games?

Or will we see the Black Hand of CONTRA emerge and adversely impact the National Openweight Championship tonight? Tune in at 7pm ET to find out.

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