Fusion Recap: Marshall Von Erich Gets Tom Lawlor ‘One On One’


This week’s MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) the major grudge between The Von Erichs and Tom Lawlor comes to a head as Marshall Von Erich takes on “The Filthy One” mono-a-mono. Can MVE take out the traitor?

Dominic Garrini (with Kevin Ku) vs. Ross Von Erich (with Marshall Von Erich)

Bell sounds and Garrini quickly wants to take it to the ground. Ross ain’t biting and it causes Garrini to stand back up. They lock up again and Garrini tries to make the most of it, but Ross’ ring awareness is top shelf.

Ross takes Garrini down, but Dom has hold of his head and Ross gets to the ropes. Reset button.

Garrini tries to get Ross in a scissors hold, but Ross has the same idea and the two find themselves in a stalemate of the limbs. Both men free themselves and get back to their feet.

The two competitors continue to trade leverage on the mat, but Ross finds himself in major trouble with a triangle hold. THe awareness of Ross allows him to roll on top of Dom for such a near fall.

Shots are trade by the two men. Spinning back chop from Dom gets a reactionary spinning back kick from Ross. Another kick downs Garrini for a near fall. Garrini gets Ross in a guillotine choke and once more, Ross makes it to the ropes. Garrini is clearly frustrated.

Garrini goes to finish him off with a brainbuster, but Ross hits a kneeling falcon arrow for the well-earned 1-2-3.

WINNER: Ross Von Erich

Post match, Violence Is Forever duke it out briefly with the brothers, but it’s the Von Erichs who fire the first shot.

In the back Lawlor is irate. He is not pleased with Marshall being out in his brother’s corner. He calms down and begins texting. It appears Tom has an idea brewing.

FYI, Rush/Reed 2 is next week!

We’re back with Tom Lawlor who tries to remain under the radar as he approaches none other than Tim Donaghy, the crooked NBA referee who helped Richard Holliday secure the Caribbean Gold from Savio Vega months back. Tom hands Tim an envelope who notes that it’s a little light, but is happy to talk about weighing that down a little bit more.

Hijo De LA Park (presented by Salina de la Renta) vs. Bu Ku Dao

Hijo shows the size disparity between him and Bu Ku before mockingly raising the arm of Dao and then leveling him down with a lariat. He follows that up with a kick to the chin.

Hijo takes off his belt and begins cracking the back of Dao. MSL and Ray Flores are a bit creeped out by the presence of a masked men looming around them as HDLA Park takes it to Dao on the entry way. A cocky pin mid-ring only gets him a one count.

Hijo continues his offense but Dao chips away. He hits a bulldog and tope to take his taller opponent out. Dao gets him back in the ring and delivers a crucifix pin for a two count. Hijo chops him down and allows himself a bit of time to gyrate. He sets Dao up top to hit an enziguri and a lungblower for a near three count.

Dao headscissors Hijo down and has him caught in a crossface. Park doesn’t tap and it pays off as he corners Dao for some devastating attacks. That only gets him “two” in the count department.

Dao soon finds himself leaping off out of the corner and nailing his spinning flatliner for the victory!


Post-match, Dao is backstage and fired up. He sent TJP packing and this match tonight was dedicated to his parents.

Last week MLW revealed that they have established a championship committee that includes Dragon Gate and Rev Pro out of the United Kingdom. Alicia Atout also tells us another name in the matchmaking team, but that news has been kept under wraps. She also makes note of the big return come July 10 in Philadelphia.

Alicia is soon enough standing by with Marshall Von Erich. Marshall knows he’s gotta be ready for Lawlor because he’s not one to be trusted and MVE couldn’t have been more spot-on as he enters with Donaghy in an effort to make Marshall pass a drug test. He doesn’t think Marshall’s physique is all genetics and asks him to fill it to the line. He wants to make sure things are on the “up and up.” “This isn’t Canada,” he tells Atout.

We see footage of a hooded Salina being escorted to a car as it appears she’s going to learn a big lesson from El Hefe.

Lio Rush has no-showed his media event with Myron Reed and Reed makes note that he’s not pleased. Myron has sacrificed time away from his children, his family and his friends in an effort to prove he is the Young GOAT, but Rush shows no respect to MLW.

Alicia Atout is backstage with Hammerstone and asks what’s next for the National Openweight Champion as he celebrates nearly two years as champ. He wanted to make this title mean everything. He wanted to make this be the ‘wrestler’s title” and he thinks he’s done a pretty good job. He brings up Fatu’s name. He’s started to think that the World Heavyweight Champion is scared. His days are numbered and when Hammer swings him up for the Nightmare Pendulum, it’s going to all be over.

Marshall has indeed passed his drug test (even Tim D. confirms) and Tom gets further confirmation when Marshall tosses the results in Tom’s face!

Big update: Lio Rush has been issued a heavy fine to for no-showing the aforementioned media event.

We get news that Richard Holliday will be in action next week, but that is suddenly cut by Josef Samael of CONTRA. He issues a video of truths to Alex Hammerstone. He says one year ago, almost to the day, CONTRA seized control of MLW. He reveals that he reworked some contracts when doing that takeover. Samael gets the privilege of who can challenge Fatu. Unfortunately for him, his challenge has been denied. Main event time.

Tom Lawlor (with Dominic Garrini) vs. Marshall Von Erich (with Ross Von Erich)

Lawlor cockily comes out with a Von Erichs shirt as Flores makes note of his NJPW title win earlier this week. Marshall then makes his way to the ring and looks ever focused as he discusses gameplan with his brother. His knee is taped, but Marshall is ready to go.

Tom makes the most of that target with a dropkick to the knee cap. He then drives Marshall’s knee into the canvas as Tom continues to fire away.

Lawlor continues to overwhelm Marshall with strikes. He catches Marshall with a dropkick to said knee as Marshall is hung over the ropes.

Not long after, Marshall goes for a German Suplex, but Lawlor spins behind to take him out with chopblock to the back of the knee.

Tom maintains his sights on that Von Erich left knee, Marshall however remains resilient and unloads a flurry of strikes on Lawlor. This causes Violence Is Forever to hop on the apron. The official tries to talk both men down and it allows Marshall to get chop blocked once more with a wrench.

Lawlor reigns heavy elbows on Marshall in the corner but it’s not long until Tom has him in several submissions to wear the left knee of his down. Marshall continues to fight with some slaps and strikes and that prompts Lawlor to nail a uranage slam. Both men are spent!

Lawlor soon has Marshall in a guillotine choke, but MVE locks in The Claw and we have a duel submissions. Tom is fading, but Marshall makes him feel it by planting his skull into the ground. 1-2-no!

MVE decides to keep the claw on, but Tom takes out Marshall’s bad knee once more and rolls it over into a single leg crowd. That turns into a modified ankle lock as Marshall passes out due to the pain.

WINNER: Tom Lawlor

This bad blood is not over as The Von Erichs get ganged up on by Team Filthy. Thankfully, out comes a real friend in fellow Texan ACH and the odds sure are even as we head off the air.

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