Underground Recap: J-Cup USA Final Has Sonjay Dutt vs. Christopher Daniels


This week’s episode of MLW Underground (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) is indeed major as we get to witness the J-Cup USA Final between Christopher Daniels and squared circle newcomer, Sonjay Dutt

Joey Styles is all donning an LA Park mask to celebrate Halloween for past occasion and what a way to kick off a scary evening with the “unholy altar boy” Mikey Whipwreck. He’ll however be dealing with “Black Magic” himself, Norman Smiley.

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Norman Smiley

Norman is in impeccable shape as he and Mikey circle one another before getting technical. Norman, however, frees himself of any attack with a kip-up as we head to break

Back from it, Norman challenges Mikey to a bit of a dance of, but that isn’t Whipwreck’s style. He locks up with Norman before a sharp shove, but Norman won’t be intimidated. He rolls over for beautiful arm drag, but Mikey kicks him harshly in the back. He then hits a picture perfect dropkick on Smiley. Two count.

Mikey nails a headbutt, but it’s not one, but two clotheslines that take Mikey down. That’s followed up by a bodyslam. Mikey resorts to a low blow before hitting a shotgun dropkick. He chokes Norman over the bottom rope and hits a prolonged guillotine leg drop. Whipwreck maintains control until he gets rolled up for a near fall. Veteran savvy is shown by him when he nails a thrust kick on Norman for two. Frustrated, Mikey throws Norman over into the second ring set up. The two men fight in between the ropes and it’s Norman taking advantage but hammering Mikey’s head off both turn buckles. He then administers The Big Wiggle!

Norman goes for a top rope maneuver, but a well-placed thumb to the eye allows him to leap off with an off-the-top-rope Whippersnapper for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Mikey Whipwreck

Mikey’s grinning ear-to-ear after that arguably upset win as he licks the unsanitary ring post to celebrate.

Matt Martel & Rich Criado vs. Mana

The intense man from New Zealand is taking it to Martel and Criado both as Francine steps on stage to assess. Mana sure is putting on quite the show as we head to break.

Back from it, Mana is slapping the flesh off Criado’s chest as the Samoan Island Tribe enter from the crowd as they attack Monsta Mack! Ekmo slams Mack’s head off a table as Stephen DeAngelis reveals a falls count anywhere weapons match! Martel & Criado get Mack as a partner as SIT aligns with Mana.

The brawl goes to the stage as Criado gets places in a wheel chair in order to vault him off the stage! That elicits “MLW” chants. Criado gets blasted with a ringside brew as Mack nails Mana with a chair twice, but the former rugby man is unphased!

Brooms are broken and barricades are bent as Martel gets blasted with a trash can in the corner. Matt’s striking resemblance to a certain “Striker” certainly got a bit altered there.

Criado shows his resiliancy by getting a chair shot in on Mana, but Mana is just unstoppable. The two men try to take him out, but Monsta runs in with a falling lariat in effort to help. The three men pose on Mana and the trip pay for it as Samu hits a double clothesline. Criado gets set up top for a Samoan drop!

Martel is the victim of violence as he’s popped up for a Samoan drop by Ekmo! He gets tossed out of the ring to be placed on a table. He’s laid out and it allows Ekmo to leap to the outside and on the prone body of Martel! The table is obliterated as Ekmo relishes in the chaos. Martel is convulsing and the match is stopped!

WINNERS: Samoan Island Tribe

J-Cup USA Finals For Global Junior Heavyweight Championship
Christopher Daniels (with Mikey Whipwreck) vs. Sonjay Dutt

Referee John Finnegan raises the new Global Junior Heavyweight belt as Dutt and Daniels stare one another down.

Immediately once the bell sounds Daniels nails a lariat to go for a quick pin. That doesn’t work but CD doesn’t relent on his offense. Well, it does when it allows Whipwreck to fling around Dutt while on the outside! Daniels hoists Dutt up for a very long stalling suplex and we head to break as Dutt kicks out at two.

Back from break, Dutt goes for a victory roll, but Daniels sets a vicious attack on his leg, allowing him to hit a mini-BME for a near fall.

CD sends Dutt hard into the corner. He then sends him into the opposite corner. Cover, another two count. Styles notes how Daniels isn’t taking Dutt seriously, but Daniels still maintains the manpower by hitting Sonjay with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dutt makes him pay by turning a headscissors into an octopus stretch. Dutt soon tumbles to the outside as Mikey nonchalantly taps Dutt hard with the ring bell hammer!

Dutt gets downed by Daniels for an arrogant pin attempt. Two count. Daniels does that once more and thankfully another two. Dutt rolls him up for a near fall and it appears to have Daniels take it more seriously. He downs Dutt and hits a BME, but still Sonjay kicks out!

Daniels talks trash to the fans and it opens up the opportunity to nail Daniels with a springboard elbow! The two stars trade punches, but a Yakuza kicks allows Dutt to nail a DDT for a two count. An enziguri send CD to the outside as Sonjay leaps for quadriple springboard somersault senton (as Styles puts it!)

Daniels is down in the ring, and Sonjay comes off top, but CD rolls and Dutt hits his bad knee. A running STO gets a close one for Christopher. Blue Thunder bomb for another two.

Sonjay gets sunset flipped, but a series of pins are traded quickly. Two counts each way. Daniels sends Dutt to the corner and Dutt leaps off the corner to nail a hurricanrana!

He covers and clearly has the three count, but Mikey makes his presence known. Dutt takes Whipwreck out and then comes off the top to nail a Phoenix Splash! 1-2-3 and we have MLW’s inaugural Global Junior Heavyweight Champion!

WINNER and NEW Global Junior Heavyweight Champion: Sonjay Dutt

Post-match and Joey Styles appropriately states that a star is born in Sonjay!

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