Underground Recap: A ‘Playboy’ Power Broker Appears; Low Ki Debuts Against An Undefeated Homicide


A very historic MLW Underground took place this week (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) as we had several name debuts and one heck of a shocker that undoubtedly shook the foundation of Major League Wrestling in its early stages. Low Ki would be making his league debut this week in the main event against an undefeated Homicide, but this week’s opener had some debuts of its own as well as we get our first impression of Davey Boy Smith Jr. (then going by Harry Smith) teaming up with TJ Wilson.

Going under the appropriate name of the Stampede Bulldogs, the Hart Dungeon duo take on Puma and Bobby Quance.

The Stampede Bulldogs vs. Puma and Bobby Quance

Davey Boy and Bobby Quance begin the the bout and the son of the Bulldog starts off controlling the pace before we take the first commercial break.

Back from it, TJ Wilson gets downed by Puma with a very swift head scissors, but Puma gets punted off the apron as Davey gets some shots on the outside. Snap float over suplex by Wilson gets only a one count on Puma, but the Stampede Bulldogs don’t relent. The Bulldogs hit their History In The Making Osaka Cutter Bomb double team before TJ torques the ankle of Puma. The crowd is chanting for Puma to “tap,” but he makes it to the ropes.

TJ fires away at Puma, but a hurricanrana turns the tide. TJ continues to work on the ankle as Davey Boy gets the tag and gets the offense going with some Wahoo McDaniel-esque chops before nailing a belly-to-back suplex. Davey Boy goes for a running powerslam, but Puma wriggles free and Quance gets the much needed tag for a flurry of athletic attacks.

Soon Puma hits a tombstone piledriver, setting Quance up with a shooting star press and Davey Boy has to break it up. Puma goes for a triangle choke in the corner, but The Bulldogs nail a springboard double team blockbuster for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Stampede Bulldogs

PJ Friedman has been out of commission for quite some time, but he’s back and he has his sights set on Vampiro. Friedman takes exception to the star coming and going as he pleases, particularly because the protege of Dr. Death Steve Williams knows what’s it’s like to not take the squared circle for granted.

Junior Heavyweight Championship
Jack Evans vs. Sonjay Dutt (c)

Matters could’ve wrapped up quite quickly as Dutt turned Evans inside out before nailing a leaping back elbow from up top, but Evans mustered up enough energy to kick out.

Dutt follows that up with a Hindu Press attempt, but Evans has it scouted. He harshly kicks Dutt, but Sonjay smacks him with a standing shooting star press for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL Junior Heavyweight Champion: Sonjay Dutt

Post-match, Teddy Hart, who was on commentary, leaps in to lariat Sonjay down and then he and Evans lay out the champion with a “Next Generation Hart Attack”, The men continue the attack well after the bell sounds.

After the break, a frustrated Dutt is approached by Los Maximos and it looks like the champion will have some back up from Brooklyn next go-around.

Low Ki vs. Homicide

The bell tolls and the debuting Low Ki corners the undefeated Homicide in the corner before the two reset and feel one another out center ring. We go to break.

Back from it, the two men find themselves in an intense Rugby scrum-like lock up. Low Ki utilizes the corner to attempt an arm lock, but the action finds itself back in the ring and Low Ki impresses the fans with quickness and agility.

The men ease their way back into locking up and Homicide takes the lead with some strikes, but gets caught off guard with a high cross body and an intense kick. Homicide dumps Ki to the outside and goes for his patented tope, but Ki catches him hard with a kick and takes the fight back to center canvas.

It doesn’t stay there for long as Low Ki nails some nasty chops and executes a beautiful underhook low bridge for a two count. Homicide fights back, but a handspring kick downs 187 hard.

Reverse knife edge by Low Ki opens Homicide up for kick on the apron, but he pays for it as Homicide guillotines leg. He knocks Low Ki off the apron and sure enough, hits that poetic tope!

He sends Low Ki back in the ring for a cover. 1-2-no. Homicide stays diligent as he nails a devastating stalling suplex. Another two count. Snapmare into a surfboard stretch to wear Ki down.

Back from the break, Homicide headbutts Ki in the corner. Ki fights back with some shots to the mid-section and Homicide goes high risk with a Frankensteiner from up top. 1-2- kick out. Homicide goes back to the top rope well with a headbutt, but Low Ki blocks it.

This is where the match really elevates. Ki follows up with some wild strong style attacks but Homicide goes for a Cop Killer, but Ki hits a rolling Kick to down 187 with a deadweight German suplex! Low Ki covers, but Homicide gets his foot on the ropes.

Homicide catches a leaping Low Ki with a dragon screw. He follows that up with a dragon screw leg whip from up top. Homicide shows his technical prowess with an STF! Homicide decides to relent and pays for it with a guillotine dragon sleeper! He however can’t keep the hold. Ki nails a Black Magic kick and covers for a very near fall. Big lariat by Homicide gets him a fall of his own.

Homicide signals for the end, goes for the Cop Killer, but once more Low Ki goes for that dragon sleeper. The savvy 187 rolls him up for the unexpected W!

WINNER: Homicide

Homicide MLW record stands at 5-0, but several of those wins came at Jerry Lynn’s expense and he comes out to attack tonight’s main event victor. Low Ki comes to the aid of his mentor. Suddenly, that’s when the mysterious “Power Broker” in and it’s none other than the legendary Gary Hart! He further incites the assault and the evil of the “Playboy” rubs off on Low Ki quickly as he assaults a fan at ringside! MLW CEO Court Bauer comes out to retain order, but Homicide has other plans and takes a shot at Bauer before Hart makes the announcement that Terry Funk’s career will end tomorrow. They then smack Court with a broom stick and the CEO is out cold!

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