Underground Recap: Bryan Danielson Makes MLW Debut


Many modern wrestling fans associate the one true sport with the ring acumen of Brian Danielson, so it was only fitting that “The American Dragon” stepped foot into a Major League Wrestling ring. This week on MLW Underground (presented by www.newlawoffice.com), Danielson makes his Major League debut against third generation star, Teddy Hart, but first we have a different MLW debut in Julius Smokes as he tags with “Black Magic” Norman Smiley.

Los Maximos vs. Norman Smiley & Dr. Julius Smokes

The debuting Smokes and Smiley get down before the bell rings as Joel and Jose ready themselves. Joel and Norman start the match off and the two trade arm wrenches. Norman gets the better with several arm drags and takes a moment to Big Wiggle not once, but twice. Jose gets tagged and goes for a dropkick up top, but Norman delivers a big swing!

The two deliver a dropkick slam double team before Norman nails several European uppercuts. Inverted underhook drop by Norman. Tag to Smokes. As this is going on, news breaks that Raven was attacked by Justin Credible which is sending the former to the hospital. Extreme Horsemen are making their presence known.

Norman goes to Big Wiggle, Jose over the ropes, but Joel breaks it up. Smokes takes it to Joel with a flurry of moves which is capped off by a Monkey flip. Tag to Norman.

Jose goes on the offense against Smokes and then so does his brother with some spinal tap kicks and then a low crossbody. They follow that with a pin, but Norman makes the save.

Yakuza kick to Smokes in the corner and the debuting man drops. The brothers stomp on Julius in the corner and this goes on for quite some time as Jose and Joel take turns.

Norman tries to get involved, but the official stops him. Thankfully, Smokes fires back and nails a Manhattan Drop, but then gets dropped from behind. Joel Maximo spits at Norman as Smokes gets downed. Joel leaps off for a big swanton, but misses. Smokes nails a DDT and both men are down. Smokes tags in Norman and hits a major league body slam on Jose. Wheelbarrow to Big Wiggle!

Smokes gets the tag back in, but gets a shot that send him to the mat. As the ref’s back is turned, Smokes takes a chair shot from the outside and Los Maximos get that tainted W.

WINNERS: Los Maximos

Backstage is Teddy Hart. He has a Dragon’s Gate match coming up in the near futrue. There’s no extra training that going into that match will get him any more prepared because he’s been preparing for this his whole life. He’s a third generation Hart and his team is the future of professional wrestling. They’ll be the last ones standing. They are the past, present and future of professional wrestling. He risks his life for fans’ entertainment and he does unto others what they do unto him.

GTC Carnival Finals
The Stampede Bulldogs vs. The Havana Pitbulls

Steve Corino joins on commentary as all four members battle it out. The young Harry Smith shows his strength before tagging in TJ to take it to Ricky Reyes. Rocky Romero comes but only to get several suplexes from TJ. He nails a slingshot falcon arrow for the near win on Rocky, but Ricky breaks it up.

The Havana Pitbulls begin to isolate TJ Wilson and hit him with sliding dropkick in the corner. Floatover suplex by Ricky Reyes gets a two count. A beautiful lariat by Rocky gets another two. Rocky slaps and chops away at TJ and gives him a set knees to the corner. Ricky hits a big body slam on TJ before hitting springboard senton. The Pitbulls are in major control.

TJ kicks himself free and soon tags in Harry who begins to dominate with power. Lou Thesz suplex to Ricky. He hits a reverse DDT to Rocky. Ricky comes in for the save and nails a picture perfect German for a near fall. The Havana Pitbulls hit a leaping belly-to-back neckbreaker for the close W!

Harry Smith shows resiliency by nailing Rocky with his father’s running powerslam and TJ leaps off top with a diving elbow. 1-2-3!

WINNERS: The Stampede Bulldogs

PJ Friedman is almost finished with his training in Russia and can’t wait to take out Norman Smiley on Friday the 13th to make an example out of him to Vampiro.

Bryan Danielson vs. Teddy Hart

Bryan Danielson and Teddy Hart show their already thorough training background in the opening minutes of the bout as the two tie one another up with technical wrestling.

Back from commercial break, the chess match continues as the two young stars continue to feel one another out. Teddy turns a hurricanrana attempt into a fujiwa armbar, but Danielson takes control with a fierce crossface and European uppercut. Even after all that, the chess pieces of both remain on the board as they continue to jock for position.

Danielson channels Harley Race with a punch to Teddy’s lung and then focuses on keeping Teddy grounded with some heavy-footed stomps. In an attempt for mind games, Danielson rips off Hart’s wind pants but Teddy keeps his focus. A guillotine choke turns into an intense armbar. He hits a Calgary Stampede and then soon ascends up top. Bryan follows and both men duke it out. Teddy knocks Bryan off and he leaps off with a snap DDT to the canvas!

Teddy leaps off and hits the Open Heart Surgery! Teddy, however, is in immense pain due to an apparent shoulder separation, but he climbs back up top once more! He goes for a shooting star press, but Danielson dodges and The American Dragon slips him into a Cattle Mutilation!

Teddy quickly flips free and Danielson in his arm submission and Danielson is forced to tap!

WINNER: Teddy Hart

Danielson, so frustrated, remains in the ring as Hart holds court in soaking in the victory. It doesn’t take long for Bryan’s temper to boil over and the two brawl it out as Underground goes off the air!

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