Underground Recap: Extreme Horsemen vs. Samoan Island Tribe for GTC Championship


It is indeed hybrid wrestling at it’s finest on the latest MLW Underground (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) as a diverse trio of matches are on this evening’s card.

Pete Wilson & Dark Fuego vs. Roderick Strong & “M-Dog 20” Matt Cross

Wilson and Cross go at it with some speedy hybrid wrestling. Both mean avoid one another’s suplexes as they land on their feet, but Evan gets the better of it with a sharp DDT

Back from break, Rodrick has Wilson caught in a half-and-half and turns it into a backbreaker.

Wilson soon distracts his opponents and it allows Fuego to come leaping off with an intense springboard dropkick.

Roderick get downed with a savate kick, but he takes Fuego down with a powerbomb backbreaker. Cross Asai moonsaults on top of Fuego and that opens a window up for the fight to go to the outside!

Cross and Roderick lawn dart their advrsaries into the wall and it allows Wilson and Fuego to take a high risk with a double moonsault off of it! All men are down.

Back in the ring, Roderick hits a series of brainbusters before doing a crossface camel clutch! They take out Wilson and put their focus on Fuego, but a collison between partners allows Wilson and Feugo to nail stereo 450 splashes for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Pete Wilson & Dark Fuego

The six-sided ring is coming to MLW, and who comes in to express their interest but Jose Maxim. He gets attacked from behind by Dark Fuego!

Low Ki and Gary Hart backstage. Playboy tells Ki that he was always right and tells him to continue being who he is. He won’t have to worry about one thing outside of the ring. Ki says with Hart’s guidance they know they won’t stop Low Ki or Homicide. He tells Chad Collier is to be ready for their match tonight.

Low Ki (with Gary Hart) vs. Chad Collyer

Ki and Collier lock up and begins torquing the arm of Collier, but Chad frees himself with an armdrag. Test of strength between the two men. Collyer wrenches the arm, but Ki punts him from the ground!

Collyer tries once more to ground Low Ki with an arm drag but it’s so hard to contain Ki. The fight goes to the apron and Ki guiilotines the back of Collyer’s neck on the top rope. Running elbow gets a two count for Ki who transitions into a traingle hold.

Ki wears Collyer down with a headlock before double stomping on him. Ki then face washes Collyer in the corner. A big rib breaker gets a two count.

Chad fights back when once more on his feet, but a hellacious chop echoes through the venue. Collyer hits a belly-to-back suplex and then a series of lariats, but Low Ki does no stay down/

It’s all over when Ki nails a shining wizard and tries to lock in a dragon clutch. Chad fights back, but Hart’s associate steps on the apron and locks in his Ki clutch for the submision.


Post-match, Playboy makes it clear that Ki set one helluva example. “Chad Collyer, you’re just one in many to come.”

GTC Tag Team Championship
Samoan Island Tribe vs. The Extreme Horemen (c)

SIT come in with weapons ready as the champs come out. They clearly take their time getting in the ring as official in-ring introduce both teans.

Mana and CW start the battle off and some gloating gets CW in trouble with Mana. He wears him down with some headbutts.

Back from break. The Extreme Horsemen level Mana with a double superkick. It only is worth a two count. Simon Diamond shows his strength by giving Samu a big bodysla.

Samoan Island Tribe remain dominate and it appears Steve Corino has had enough as he pancakes Samu. But Samu’s a true blue vet and nails some Samoan drops! CW then wields a chair and smacks Mana with it several times.

Corino introduces a table into the mix. Sure enough, CW spinebusters Mana through it and it gets him a very near fall!

In a shocking turn of events, JJ Diilon comes out to the ring and offers CW a chair. Anderson shoves Dillon who then offers Mana a chair. It’s all a ploy however as JJ smacks him with a mic, allowing CW and Simon to superkick a chair in his face! They cover: 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL GTC Champions: The Extreme Horsemen

From what may be apparent, the Extreme Horsemen have appeared to align with the legendary manager!

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