Opera Cup ’21 comes into focus


Plans for the 2021 Opera Cup are underway.

MLW.com has learned MLW is in talks with various arenas to host the 2021 edition of the prestigious tournament. Sources have shared that cities under consideration, include: Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles.

While MLW’s events department engages some of wrestling’s greatest hotbeds, MLW.com can confirm the office of wrestling operations is in talks for the tournament to feature some new albeit familiar faces. Who is in the mix? League officials are mum on the particulars but more details are expected to be shared in the weeks and months ahead.

Held annually for nearly 50 years at various turn-of-the-century opera house locations from New York City to Boston, the Professional Wrestling Opera House Cup was a grueling multi-day tournament. 

The best of the day competed in the tournament and would often be an entree to more success, including the World Heavyweight Championship of the day. 

After a 71 year hiatus, the Opera Cup returned in 2019. Soon thereafter, the league confirmed the “classic” would be an annual tournament hosted exclusively by MLW.

Inspired by the legends whose names are immortalized in plaques on the sides of the cup, including: George Hackenschmidt, Stu Hart, Leo Pardello, William Muldoon and Waldek Zbyszko, “the classic” has returned to reignite the spirit of the greats who preceded today and tomorrow’s greats. 

Over the summer of 2019, Major League Wrestling entrusted the same craftsmen who have worked with the NHL on maintaining the Stanley Cup to complete the restoration process of the original cup in time for the return of the tournament.

The Professional Wrestling Opera Cup is dedicated to the great men who have fought valiantly before us to ensure our passion, professional wrestling be cemented and respected in the annals of time.

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