Free mental health initiative available to all in pro wrestling

In the wake of Shannon Spruill’s passing, has posted information for those working in the professional wrestling industry so they are aware of Behind the Scenes, a charity organization specifically launched to help those in the entertainment industry who deal with and live the the pressures of “the show must go on” 24/7 mentality that comes with working in the performing arts genre.

Their mental health initiative page notes:

“Many people have become increasingly concerned about the rising number of suicides and the prevalence of alcohol/substance misuse within the entertainment industry. By its very nature our industry can impact your physical and emotional health due to long hours, pressure to push your body, and high workplace stress. In response, Behind the Scenes and other individuals and organizations have come together to create this initiative.”

There are mental health services available for those in both the United States and Canada, including peer to peer chats, suicide prevention resources, mental health first aid training, assistance with finding a therapist and an Anonymous Online Self-Assessment Tool.  All of these services are free.

You can find the Behind the Scene’s website at this link.

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