Fusion ALPHA Recap: Opening Round Of Opera Cup Finishes With TJP vs. Shelley, Fish vs. Moriarty


This week’s MLW Fusion ALPHA (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) starts off with some big news from Cesar Duran. “At Fusion, on Thanksgiving, the National Openweight Championship will have a new home through the miracle of violence and you will give thanks to Cesar Duran,” Duran exclaims. Enter the new Caribbean Champion King Muertes. The Man Of 1,000 Deaths says he did what Duran asked of him, but Cesar must fufill the end of his bargain. Duran reminds Muertes that he understands there must be a sacrifice. Cesar hand Muertes a box which he slowly opens.

Opera Cup Opening Round
Lee Moriarty vs. Bobby Fish

Lee Moriarty may be signed with All Elite Wrestling, but that doesn’t change his gameplan in getting hold of that Opera Cup trophy. Out comes “The Infamous” Bobby Fish who is in the same boat as Moriarty, but certainly has the same mindset. The Pittsburgh Prodigy awaits Bobby as the latter gets a warm reception from the Philly crowd.

Both fighters feel one another’s tactics out as Bobby attempts some kicks and Moriarty makes note that he’ll have to play hard to get. The two men get to mat wrestling.

Fish manages to corner Lee with some harsh knee strikes, but Moriarty utilizes his masterwork of the arm drag to down Bobby. Joe Dombrowski notes that something has to give between these two.

The fight goes to the apron and hard shots are traded. Fish goes for a side suplex on the hard side of that apron, but Lee fights free. Bobby gets knocked to the outside but as he goes for a kick, the official stops him and it allows Bobby to trip him up. The MLW 20-count begins for Lee. Bobby sneaks outside and kicks Lee in the back of the leg. He sends Lee into the steel guardrail as we cut to a break.

Bobby gets Lee back in the ring for a pin attempt, but both men eventually fight on their feet. Bobby hits a slingshot senton for a two count. Bobby boots Lee to the corner and shows the focus on Lee’s leg. Lee leaps over and kicks Bobby. He nearly gets a three count.

Bobby charges Lee back into the corner and then nails a dragon screw. Sliding lariat for a near fall. Lee soon catches Bobby with a short-arm lariat of his own!

Bobby tries to regain control with the conventional sleeper attempt, but Moriarty literally uses the ring to break free. Bobby catches him for an exploder suplex. Both men are down. The ref begins his ten count until the call is answered and strikes are made. It’s a test of will, but Bobby gets the better with a hard roundhouse and a high angle back suplex for another two count.

Bobby is feeling quite confident as he shoves his boot at Lee’s head and Lee makes him pay with an innovative mouse trap pin attempt!

Fish goes to roll through with a German, but Lee dead weights him. Bobby calls an audible and rolls through for his fish hook leg lock for the submission win.


Fish is the victor and will face Davey Richards in the semi-finals!

Last week, Ikuro Kwon attacked Richard Holliday during his match against Mil Muertes, but Rich may get his retribution in the War Chamber.

We cut to Emilio Sparks who is standing outside the 2300 Arena with “The Judge” EJ Nduka. Nduka speaks to how he and Hammerstone are brothers and workout partners and Nduka is all game for War Chamber in the fight against CONTRA. He also proposes a shot at The World Title afterwards.

The camera crew catches up with Calvin Tankman backstage and is asked about what his situation is with King Mo, Alex Kane and America’s Top Team. Calvin makes it clear: does it looks like he needs help? He says if anything, they should be on his bandwagon. Enter King Mo and Kane who after some slight of hand jab a power chord into the eye of Tankman! Tank is scheduled to fight Gino Medina in just moments, but his current situation looks very much in a bad way.

With Halloween this weekend, we’ve got some Trick or Treat tips from Los Parks. Gringo’s candy is a stupid gimmick LA Park makes clear. Like the Wu-Tang say, this is for kids. Los Parks ain’t having any sort of child’s play as someone walks by in Konnan’s classic mask. Screw the tricks or treats, he gets a beatdown.

We cut to Duran who is on the phone and he’s not in a good mood. Enter Mads Krugger who says he doesn’t answer to anyone. He respects that. Ever since he’s joined MLW, his objective was to destroy Hammerstone, but now that Fatu has fallen, what now? Krugger exclaims that the goal is still that: follow the CONTRA gameplan. What about a mission for himself, Cesar asks. That doesn’t betray CONTRA. “You are a mercenary, no?” Krugger says he is and Duran notes that it’s time for his match. He’ll be watching closely.

Last week we saw the macabe of Holidead as she brutalized both Nicole Savoy and Willow Nightingale. Sparks was on the Major League beat and caught up with Willow while signing autographs. She admits she was a little traumatized by the attack. She gets upset and calls Cesar Duran. She wants a match with Holidead and it looks like she’s going to get it. Holidead’s ears must be burning as she has a chained Dr. Dax leading the way to the ring.

Dr. Dax (with Holidead) vs. Mads Krugger

Dax looks revved up, but there’s plenty of power in Mads and he rocks Holidead’s pet into the corner. Holidead demands more from Dax who attempts to appease his master but gets chokeslammed for his trouble. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Mads Krugger

Krugger grabs hold of a mic and makes clear that there is no challenger for the Black Hand of CONTRA. He begins to chant “HAIL CONTRA” as who comes out but Budd Heavy. He brings a steel chair to the ring but as he situates himself, Mads boots him down. A match is officially made.

Mads Krugger vs. Budd Heavy

A full nelson slam is all it takes. 1-2-3 and Budd is skunked.

WINNER: Mads Krugger

Unfortunate news as Calvin Tankman is taken to a local Philadelphia hospital for further evaluation of his eye. There’s question as to if he’ll even be able to compete in the rest of the Opera Cup and it is noted that Alex Kane is an alternate. One has to think this was all a part of Mo and Kane’s gameplan.

5150 took out Injustice and now they want Los Parks. Konnan, Slice Boogie, Dr. Julius Smokes and Rivera want Cesar Duran to make the tag title bout or they’ll do some sacrificing of their own!

Breaking News: CONTRA has managed to insert a fifth member into the War Chamber on November 6 which will be a SENTAI Death Squad Member. Now Hammerstone has to search for not one, but two more partners to join him, Holliday and EJ Nduka.

We cut to Alicia Atout who is interviewing Hammerstone who says he’s been waiting a long time to be called MLW World Heavyweight Champion. He’s in good spirits because he and Holliday want to challenge CONTRA to a tag match. In comes Holliday who is bandaged up akin to H.G. Wells’ invisible man, but much harder to understand. He mumbles something that Atout catches wind of and she slaps him before walking off. Hammer reminds Rich that they’re on TV.

Main event time.

Alicia Atout is with Alex Shelley right before his music hits and he makes clear he’s not thinking about anything at the moment and that’s the best way to be heading into a headline bout.

2021 Opera Cup Opening Round
TJP vs. Alex Shelley

The bell sounds and the final opening round match is underway. Philadelphia is initially divided as the bout goes on and both fighters show the master of their craft. This goes back and forth in what becomes a wrestling chess match.

Shelley nails an exploder suplex and focuses on the left arm of TJP. TJP manages to regain momentum with a tranquilo in the ropes. He makes Shelley miss and the fight goes to the outside.

TJP shoves his boot in the face of Alex before trying to tangle him up. Alex gets up, but gets head-scissored back down to the canvas. TJP keeps the lock in despite Shelley turning the scissors into a pin attempt. A hard chest slap charges Shelley back up and stuns TJP. Crowd is behind the Motor City man.

TJP catches Alex in a sharpshooter before turning it into a Muta Lock. Shelley breaks the grip, but TJP moves to the wrist. TJP snaps the right knee of Alex.

Shelley really turns the tide by nailing TJP with a flatliner in the corner (and some colorful language to boot).

Shelley spikes TJP with a big DDT and Alex ascends up top. Big “Shelley” chants from the 2300. Big frog splash from Alex, but TJP kicks out just in the nick of time!

Alex slides free of a fireman’s carry, but it’s TJP who catches him with a low dropkick. Alex is in a bad way.

The two slug it out, but TJP focuses on Alex’s vulnerable leg, but a thrust kick downs TJP. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread #2, but TJP kicks Alex in the mush and then boot washes him in the corner.

Shelley is down and this time TJP takes a chance up top. He goes for the Mamba Splash, but Alex scouts it and hits a spinning headscissors into The Border City stretch. He can’t quite get it and TJP turns him over for a figure four cloverleaf. TJP goes for an STF, but turns it into a pin attempt. Alex turns into a Border City Stretch and as Alex looks to turn over back into the middle of the ring, but TJP uses the proper angle to grab the ropes and get the tainted 1-2-3!


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