Fusion Preview: Davey Richards vs. Bobby Fish | Trios Match | 12-man tag


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Major League Wrestling returns tonight at 7pm ET with Fusion: ALPHA, streaming worldwide for free on MLW’s YouTube channel, Fite.TV and Saturdays on beIN Sports. 

  • Opera Cup Semi-Finals: Davey Richards vs. Bobby Fish
  • World Tag Team Champions Los Parks vs. 5150
  • 12 Man Survival Tag Team Match: EJ Nduka, Richard Holliday, Savio Vega, The Blue Meanie, Warhorse, and Zenshi vs. Ikuro Kwon, KC Navarro, King Mo, Gino Medina, Kevin Ku and The Beastman with Kimchee

Opera Cup semi-final action headlines an action packed edition of Fusion: ALPHA, presented by newlawoffice.com.

“The American Wolf” Davey Richards rumbles with outsider Bobby Fish in a high stakes Opera Cup semi-finals match to determine the first wrestler who will move on to the 2021 Opera Cup finals.

Can Davey outgun an all elite striker and move one step closer to completing what many view as the comeback of the year, or could Bobby Fish quite possibly knock off a heavy tournament favorite and show up in another promotion with the Opera Cup trophy in a couple weeks? 

In trios action, Los Parks step into the ring with 5150. Cesar Duran’s thirst for violence is sure to be quenched as Los Campeones finally step into the ring with Konnan’s new crew in front of a rabid South Philly crowd.

The final countdown to War Chamber begins. CONTRA’s forces are strengthening and with just seven days remaining until the monumental event, the question remains: WHO will step up and join forces with Hammerstone, Richard Holliday and EJ Nduka to battle the global dealers in violence inside the demonic structure? 

Cesar Duran has requested a special meeting with Willow Nightingale. As rumors of an impending Women’s Featherweight Championship tournament continue to pick up steam, what sort of devious proposition could El Jefe have in store for The Babe With The Power?

PLUS: Just seven days before they join forces with their boy Hammer in War Chamber, EJ Nduka and Richard Holliday lead an star squad into battle as they team with Savio Vega, Warhorse, Zenshi, and the Blue Meanie to take on CONTRA’s Ikuro Kwon, KC Navarro, King Mo, Gino Medina, Kevin Ku, and The Beastman with Kimchee in 12 on 12 Survival Tag action!

Join Rich Bocchini, Joe Debrowski, and broadcast journalist Alicia Atout as MLW presents Fusion: ALPHA! 

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