Azteca Recap: Savio Vega Fights Pagano In Hardcore Match

Cesar Duran welcomes his renegades back to the second episode of MLW Azteca (presented by and wants to make it clear: everyone in Major League Wrestling has to bend the knee to “El Jefe” – even the World Champion Alex Hammerstone. After Hammer made threats to Duran, the MLW matchmaker had no choice but to make an example out of him last week. But what does all that matter right now?

The question still remains though: where has Duran taken Alex Hammerstone? Duran has picked out another location for his violence to commence tonight and both Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski speculate that his actions against the champ are the reasons for the new venue. Savio Vega plans to push back on behalf of the locker room as he takes on the backstabber in Pagano. Plus, Alex Kane makes his first National Openweight Title defense as he fights Aerostar, but first we have World Tag Team Title action as 5150 is in action.

We see both Slice Boogie and Rivera before the match talking about their upcoming bout against the Von Erichs in Dallas on January 21. They call the Von Erichs entitled and they’re going to leave them bleeding in their hometown of Dallas. “We don’t give a f*ck about y’all!” Slice Boogie makes clear.

MLW World Tag Team Championship
5150 (Danny “Limelight” Rivera & Slice Boogie w/ Konnan) vs. Skalibur & Black Destiny

5150 waste no time in attacking their foes as they dispose of Skalibur to attack Destiny. Slice and Rivera do a highly elevated double stomp to the chest cavity of Destiny.

Back from break, Destiny topes on top of 5150 before Skalibur corkscrews on them as well! Rivera lariats Kal hard and it sets Boogie up for a pin attempt. Good tag team synergy by 5150 as they isolate Destiny in the corner.

Black Destiny does fight back, but Rivera changes the momentum back with a snap suplex. Rivera does a slingshot senton for a two count and he’s not happy with the official’s count.

Destiny is isolated for quite some time and takes a modified Vader bomb in the corner for a near fall.

Destiny shows some strong resiliency and it pays off as he nails Rivera with a shotgun dropkick. The tag comes to Skalibur. The young team takes it to the champs as they powerbomb Rivera onto Slice Boogie.

An impressive combo suplex is nailed by Rivera & Boogie. That spells the end. 456 Headcrack connects and 5150 gets the win.

WINNERS & STILL World Tag Team Champions: 5150

Post-match, Konnan gets on the mic and makes it clear they don’t like what Aerostar & Drago has been saying about them on their press tour and sure enough the duo comes out and brawls with the champs! Could this mean the luchadors are vying for the gold as well?

As stated earlier, many are concerned for the well-being of Hammerstone after last week and reporter Alicia Atout flew down to San Juan, Puerto Rico to get insight from Savio Vega. Savio is hot. He’s not happy with what happened to Hammerstone. He did make one thing clear: he wants his IWA back. He plans to do that against Pagano in his hardcore match tonight.

Emilio Sparks approaches Real 1 after his vicious attack on KC Navarro weeks back. Sparks makes it known that Real 1 has known KC since he was little, but Real 1 has his reasons. According to him, he taught KC a valuable lesson: don’t turn your back on anybody in this business. A little hypocritical on the “Real 1’s” part. We later find out that Real 1 has been suspended by the league!

It is announced that Davey Richards has signed a multi-year deal with Major League Wrestling. The 2021 Opera Cup Champion has plenty planned for his hunt down the road!

We see Richard Holliday walking with a purpose. Emilio Sparks asks if Rich knows where Hammer is, but that’s what Holliday plans to find out. He sees Azteca henchmen standing at a blocked door and he tries to get through, but Alicia Atout comes in to tell him this is all part of their plan.

Speaking of henchmen, one approaches 5150 with a note. The note requests them to defend their Tag Titles against Aerostar and Drago next week. Rivera accepts although he’s not pleased with Duran’s “high school” way of communication.

MLW National Openweight Championship
Alex Kane (c) (w/ Mr. Thomas) vs. Aerostar

Kane comes out with “Crybaby Calvin” shirt on and that can’t sit well with Calvin Tankman who is stuck at stateside due to Kane pressing charges against Tank.

Aerostar however, looks ready to roll. He does that quite literally as Kane tosses him across the ring. He turns the tables with a corkscrew plancha and a headscissors takeover!

Kane nails Aerostar with a harsh fallaway slam and begins chanting “Bomaye” to boos from the underground crowd. Kane drives the knee into the neck of Aerostar and it allows Mr. Thomas to get involved. Another suplex by Kane gets a two count. Aerostar gets the fans behind him as he tries to fight on, but crossface strikes keeps him down on the canvas.

Aerostar fights back and gets some double knees to the back of Kane. Aerostar hits a step up tope to Kane and Thomas! There’s no padding on the outside mind you! Aerostar goes up top for his signature strikes from up top, but Rivera comes in to shove him off!

Kane locks in his crossface submission and Aerostar tries to hold on, but he gets rag-dolled and the referee has to call for the bell!

WINNER and STILL National Openweight Champion: Alex Kane

Emilio Sparks spots Cesar Duran who is on his phone. He asks him where is Alex Hammerstone. “What is on your mind?” Cesar gives no details. In comes a henchman and Duran hands him a note to deliver. Enter EJ Nduka who demands to know the whereabouts of Hammerstone. He’s not here to play games as Duran invites him into his office. Emilio goes to search for that henchmen.

Suddenly the camera cuts and we see Mads Krugger chained up in Front of Karlee Perez. He wants the “Judas” Jacob Fatu. Karlee wants him to face Bestia 666. Krugger accepts and it will be a Tijuana Street Fight!

We see Emilio again and he has a sense something is not right about this specific henchman. He stays on the case.

Cut to Gnarls Garvin, who’s using a heavy hitch to get a workout in. He wants all the competition in Major League Wrestling. You line them up and Big Beef will eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

It’s (hardcore) main event time and as we’re introduced to Savio, we see that Davey Richards was attacked backstage!

Savio Vega vs. Pagano

Both men bring chairs to the ring, but Savio wastes no time in attacking Pagano. He corners Pagano some body shots and downs him. A questionable slow count by the referee shifts the momentum in favor of Pagano and it’s the hardcore clown who lays into Savio with some shift shots.

It’s not long before the fight spills to the outside. Savio is bloodu and Pagano gets a taste. Pagano grabs hold of Savio’s kendo stick and that motivates the legend.

Pagano regains control and he’s got some cruel intentions lined up as he dumps thumb tacks onto the canvas! He goes up to superplex Savio but Vega shoves him off into the tacks!

As Savio goes to leap off, Pagano grabs a handful of tacks and throws them into the face of Savio!

Pagano puts a chair on top of Savio and nails a moonsault from up top! 1-2-3!

WINNER: Pagano

If momentum means anything to Pagano, the violent fighter has momentum on his side for Dallas, TX, but that still leaves the question where is Hammerstone? Bocchini gets word that Sparks is streaming somewhere and sure enough, he’s following that suspicious lucha henchman down to a barricaded area. We see the names “Salina” and “Killshot” taped across other locked doors before we see Hammerstone’s name on another.

The arm of Hammer reachs through the opening to grab hold of the henchman who reveals himself to be Richard Holliday! Rich unlatches the door and frees Hammer as Emilio signals for his stream to end!

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