Fusion Recap: 5150 vs. Los Parks In World Tag Title Ladder Match


Calvin Tankman kicks off MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) to make the reveal that in two weeks time he’s going to challenge Alex Kane for the National Openweight Championship. His announcement gets interrupted by the champ himself and the two fighters have to be separated after Tankman gets a shot in.

Last week we saw the destruction of the Dynasty and the new Power Couple in Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout have a special Valentine’s Day message (oh boy).

ACH vs. Davey Richards

Davey has a lot on his mind for this evening as the 2021 Opera Cup Champion will have a contract signing tonight for the World Title match at Fightland, but the American Wolf is certain not to look past ACH. The two shake hands before the grappling begin and sure enough, there is plenty of that between the two.

Davey starts to take control of the fight by hitting a gutwrench suplex and a scissors hold. He then rolls through and does a unique trailer hitch pinning combination.

Davey gives a knee to ACH but ACH counters to trade punches and strikes. ACH gets the better of that exchange.

ACH gets a flurry of offense that’s punctuated with a deadlift German suplex. He almost puts Davey away with that.

ACH climbs up top and leaps off with a stomp attempt, but Davey catches him in an ankle lock. ACH breaks it with a pin attempt. ACH embraces the state of Texas with cloverleaf attempt, but Davey breaks that with the ropes.

The fight goes to the apron and Davey goes for an exploder suplex, but a kick sends Davey back in and leaps in with a cutter! Huge frog splash from up top: 1-2-no!

ACH ascends, but Davey catches him off at the pass. Davey nails a super plex and goes for a pin. ACH kicks out, but turns it into an ankle lock. ACH escapes to hit a twisting brainbuster. 1-2-kick out, but Davey sticks to his gameplan. He maintains the ankle lock and stomps on the back of ACH to get the submission win.

WINNER: Davey Richards

ACH is in a lot of pain as Rich Bocchini joins Davey at ringside. Davey gets on the mic to say only Texas can produce an opponent that tough and good like ACH. He shakes his competitor’s hand again. He says the Opera Cup is something you earn, not steal. Once he finds that person, he’s going to tear them a part. However, the hunt is on for the Title. Him and Hammerstone are cut from the same cloth. He’s only got being the best in the world on his mind. He tells Alex Hammerstone to get ready because “this hunt is on.”

The feed is cut and Mads Krugger says to Jacob Fatu that he is the monster that the Samoan Werewolf could never be. He’s going to drown in his fighter’s blood.

Mister Saint Laurent is hyping his upcoming fighter to Cesar Duran and he says they’ll debut him next week in a mixed trios tag. MSL is all down for that, but the two get interrupted by Myron Reed. He says since Duran’s playing Santa Claus he wants his rematch against Tajiri for the World Middleweight Title. Duran says since Reed lost the title in a multi-man match, it’s only fair that he tries to win it back in one. He won’t reveal the third opponent.

Big news: “The Man of The Hour” Lio Rush is returning to Major League Wrestling!

Gnarls is ready to drink beer down in Texas (and runs into Uncle Moon Man!) and encounters a slumbering Budd Heavy. Gnarls notes he’s not a big fan of Heavy, but he his a fan of drinking beer.

That kinship seems to form an alliance as the following match indicates when they fight the debuting Saito Brothers from All Japan!

Gnarls Garvin & Budd Heavy vs. Saito Bros

Gnarls grapples with Jun Saito as Gnarls feels the strikes. Both he and Bud begin an attack on Jun, but that momentum changes when Ray Saito gets a tag to deliver some damage.

Ray tags Jun back in to begin a clinic in tag team chemistry. Ray gets back in to deliver some harsh strikes, but Heavy gets the tag to Gnarls. Big Beef is on a roll.

Budd and Gnarls try to throw the Saitos into one another but that gets reversed. A double chokeslam followed by a top rope splash to Budd. 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Saito Bros.

Post-match Garvin is still wanting to fight, but the Saito Bros. saunter away with the victory.

Next up, we get the Valentine’s Day message from Holliday and Atout. The two share champagne as they begin to run down his former friend Hammerstone. Holliday made everyone believe that he was his friend, the king of the Dynasty, the leader of the Dynasty. That was all a joke. The best thing about this is that Richard will be the one to take that title from Hammer because he knows everything about him. Rich is getting fired up as Alicia settles him down with a toast to new beginnings and a sip of champagne. She kicks the camera man out.

Duran is in his office for the SuperFight contract signing. Cesar questions what happened last week with the Dynasty. Hammer gets heated, but Davey settles him down. He wants the champ at his best. Duran tries to push buttons with Davey and it’s Hammer who has to do the same with Davey. The two sign the contract and Hammer makes sure to make clear he hopes Richards is ready. Davey: “I was born ready.”

Ladder Match For World Tag Team Championship
Los Parks (LA Park Jr. & El Hijo de LA Park) vs. 5150 (c)

The champs come out with valets and Julius Smokes as their showing the pomp and circumstance for their massive main event. The bell rings and the brawl begins.

The champs first go after LA Park Jr. before booting off El Hijo.

Rivera and El Hijo brawl on the outside and it’s LA Park Jr. leaping off a ladder with moonsault. He’s not finished with the ladder as he bridges the ladder on the barricade in ring as El Hijo sends Rivera into the barricade. Slice goes to leap onto LA Park Jr. who is prone on the ladder, but moves at the last minute. El Hijo spears Slice onto the ladder insteead!

Rivera balances himself on said ladder to leap at the arena post and flip onto his foes! We head to break!

Back from it, Slice powerslams El Hijo onto a leaning ladder in the ring before making the climb. LA Park Jr. stops him and tries for the belts himself. Rivera leaps off the rope and nails him with a double axe handle. Los Parks clears the ring of the champions and the brothers use their athleticism to take Rivera and Boogie out on the outside!

Los Parks know winning this match isn’t about highlights and the two have gold on their mind. However, Homicide comes out to thwart their progress! That brings out LA Park who tope dives onto everyone!

Homicide and LA Park brawl it out in the ring, but as Park goes for his patented spear, Homicide moves and the father spears the son in LA Park Jr.!

Nonetheless, it’s LA Park who musters up the endurance to climb the ladder. Rivera ascends to fight with him, but Park knocks him off. Park however, has encountered enough damage to grasp the titles. Park is clearly dazed and Boogie hits him with a chair! Rivera is on an outside ladder as Slice picks LA Park Jr. up on his shoulders for the 456 Headcrack! The champs climb the ladder and pull the belts down!

WINNERS and STILL World Tag Team Champions: 5150

Rivera, Boogie and Smokes stand in the ring as they clearly tip their caps to Konnan who is still recovering from being hospitalized.

Next week, we get Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krugger!

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