SuperFight Recap: Alex Hammerstone Defends World Title Against Davey Richards

MLW SuperFight (presented by goes down tonight as Alex Hammerstone defends his World Heavyweight Title against Davey Richards and Emilo Sparks is on the beat trying to get word from the Clout Couple. Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout doesn’t like his line of questioning so the interview queen takes over as Holliday makes it known that they have a big meeting on tap with Cesar Duran. We do have a stacked set of title matches and we kick off SuperFight with a National Openweight Title fight!

MLW National Openweight Championship
ACH vs. Calvin Tankman vs. Alex Kane (c) (with Mr. Thomas)

A big matter to keep an eye on is Calvin Tankman’s knee which was a big target for Kane last week in their singles title match. The bell sounds as Kane and Tank slug it out. ACH tries to play interference and he receives a HARD shot from Heavyweight Hustle. Kane follows up with a pounce to the champ! So far the knee looks good.

ACH get some offense in that clears Calvin out of the ring, but that opens him up for a massive spear from the Champ! Kane turns attention to Tankman on the outside and Kane manages to catch Tank in the ring post with repeated thrusts. Alex Kane keeps up on his periphials as he goes back to the canvas unleash a bevvy of suplexes to ACH.

ACH tries to fight back with a German and eventually does with a deadlift suplex! He kicks Tankman off the apron and goes for a dive, but Tank walks out of harm’s way to catch ACH with a back elbow! He hits a big spinebuster on Kane and goes for another back elbow on Kane. Kane ducks and hits a Saito suplex! We’re at three suplexes in total for the champ.

ACH leaps back into the action to only be caught by Tankman and be powerbombed into Kane! ACH soon blindsides Kane with a tope!

Tank catches ACH up top, but ACH flips for a bomb. ACH struggles to pull him down and instead kicks Kane’s bad leg! As ACH looks to put Tankman down, Kane catches ACH with a reverse capture suplex and he secures the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW National Openweight Champion: Alex Kane

Emilio steps in to visit “The Judge” EJ Nduka. Although Nduka isn’t on tap to compete at SuperFight he is on hand to study potential opponents. Sparks asks EJ what title does he have his eyes set on: “Does a bear sh*t in the woods?” We’ll find out soon enough.

The Von Erichs are in Charlotte tonight for their World Tag Team Title shot, but before they even can get their ring gear on 5150 attacks them with steel chairs. Both Slice Boogie and Rivera leave the brothers laying in the stairwell!

In a MLW first, Gangrel will be coming soon to the league!

Dr. Swegler will keep us updated on the status of Ross and Marshall but in the meantime, 5150 makes their intentions clear: they don’t appreciate fighters getting to leap the line just because of their last name and they’re searching for legit contenders. Until that is being provided for them, they’re going to keep doing what they’ve been doing.

We haven’t seen TJP since he was eliminated from Opera Cup contention but he appears at SuperFight to stake claim for Myron Reed’s World Middleweight Title.

Grudge Match
KC Navarro vs. Real 1

Navarro doesn’t even step off the stage before Real 1 attacks him from behind! Real 1 picked up where he last left off KC by crotching him on the ring post and then delivering yet another Razor’s Edge into the ring post! The official argues with Real 1 as he puts Navarro back into the ring.

The ref checks on Navarro as Real 1 gets on the mic to ask if he still wants to have a match. KC: “How you doin’, bitch?” Real 1 grins as the bell sounds. He chokes Navarro on the bottom rope before hitting an elevated lung blower in the corner. Real 1 covers: 1-2-no! Real 1 catapults him one more time on the ropes. Real 1 show boats a bit before dropping KC from the apron to the concrete floor with a reverse DDT. Real 1 gets him back in the ring for another near fall, but KC gets his arm on the ropes. Real 1 hits his Done-ZO foot finish for the definitive 1-2-3.

WINNER: Real 1

Post-match, Real 1 gets on the mic to say he saw a meme the other day, but it wasn’t your typical meme. It was of a deformed child asking his father if he’s ugly. The father’s response: “No son, the world is ugly.” Real 1 notes that KC has “blessed” tattooed on him. He notes that they’re both blessed and everyone here is blessed and that Real 1 then shot straight with Navarro, saying that he wasn’t going to take it easy on him cause he trained at his gym. He wanted to show KC how life isn’t fair and wrestling isn’t either. Real 1 appeared to deliver some tough love to the young fighter. Real 1 offers him a hand, KC goes to accept, but Real 1 levels him! He hits another Done-ZO and leaves Navarro laying.

We have an update that the World Tag Team Title match has been postponed indefintiely, but 5150 is not done. Their next target is EJ Nduka. They leave the Judge battered in the lobby!

It’s SuperFight time!

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Davey Richards vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Hammerstone has suffered his fair share of mind games played on him in recent months, and he’s got another heading into the match. Richard Holliday is ringside with Alicia Atout. The Clout Couple showed just that as they bought off a fan’s set of ringside seats!

Hammer however, doesn’t even acknowledge his former friend’s presence and is all about the match that lies ahead. The official introductions are made and the bell sounds.

The two ease their way into a lock up, but the pace picks up quickly! Richards goes for an ankle lock, but Hammer rolls through and Davey rolls out! Davey charges back in and Hammer hoists him up. He charges Davey into the corner and the offense begins for the World Champion. It causes Richards once more to go to the outside. This time Alex follows and sends Richards into the barricade! This is when Hammer’s eyes meet with Holliday and it causes him to take his eyes off the prize briefly, but just enough for Davey to avoid a running boot. It leaves Hammerstone’s ankle vulnerable and that’s been an injury Hammer has suffered at FIGHTLAND. Davey shows him that his title hunt is on and makes it a major target.

Davey gets him back in the ring and twists at that ankle. He’s not done: Wooooo’s are echoing throughout Charlotte’s Grady Cole Center as Richards locks in a figure-four! Hammer tries to turn the hold over and Davey ever the veteran releases to lock in a trailer hitch! Hammer continues to suffer through the pain until the champ can make it to the ropes. We head to break.

Back from it, Richards gets Hammer to a vertical base and a patented kicking assault occurs courtesy of the Wolf. That however, ignites a fire under Hammer. He remains unphased and Davey is astounded by his perseverence. Davey targets the left leg, but Hammer braves the pain to hit Davey with a spinning uranage! Hammer is fired up and so is Charlotte as he unleashes some Hammer lariats in the corner. He charges at Davey, but the Wolf catches him by the leg in the corner. Davey hits a dragon screw over the ring ropes. Davey appears to have tweaked his back but still climbs up top for a double stomp attempt. Hammer moves and gets leveled by the Champ with a suplex in the corner! 1-2-kick out!

Hammer has Richards on the apron and he’s looking to suplex the challenger off, but Davey holds on. Davey leaps back to the canvas on the third attempt and catches Hammer with another dragon screw. Davey charges, but then gets another idea. He top rope double stomps the leg. He gets Hammer down in the center and hits another double stomp! The ankle lock is secured! Hammerstone fights free and out of nowhere, nails a Nightmare Pendulum! Davey shows his vet savvy once again and rolls out of the ring. Hammer soon gives pursuit and gets the challenger back in the ring. Hammer signals for the end and goes for another Pendulum. Davey rolls him up: 1-2-no! The two exchange punches: Hammer hits a TKO! He covers: 1-2-no! Hammer pulls another Nightmare Pendulum out of the holster and it finally is good for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Richard Holliday is less than pleased as Hammer’s successful SuperFight. He feigns praise for his former partner. Hammer is favoring his ankle but takes a moment to stare down his former friend. Alicia takes advantage of the moment and maces Hammer in the eyes! Holliday immediately goes for the attack and sends the champion harshly into the ring post! Hammer is busted open and Richards becomes unhinged! He becomes a bloody mess by have Hammer’s crimson all over his white suit! He’s a man possessed, but Hammer fights back as much as he can. Holliday clearly has the advantage not having a match and security is out to try and control things. Holliday is bug-eyed and wild, but still gets a kiss from Alicia. It’s truly a cowardly attack on a former best friend.

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