Fusion Recap: Fatu & Krugger Climb The Stairway To Hell


Tonight on MlW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) Jacob Fatu and Mads Krugger meet up once more to face one another in a Stairway To Hell match and Mads issues some words for the Samoan Werewolf before the two monsters clash! Fatu, however, makes it known he’s ready to knock Mads’ head off his shoulders!

Budd Heavy vs. Killer Kross

“The People’s Executioner” returns to MLW. Time may have run out for the beloved Budd as Kross saunters down to the ring.

Charlotte welcomes Kross with a big time reaction as Budd doesn’t get as much as the welcome as he’s accustomed to. Kross offers Budd his best shot and Budd obliges. Kross is unphased. “Strike one,” says Kross. Budd nails him again. No dice and Budd gets a boot down. He assaults Budd in the corner and flourishes it with a close range bicycle kick. Kross nails a Doomsday Saito Suplex and then cracks Budd with a back forearm. Kross unloads on Budd and the ref has to stop the match.

WINNER: Killer Kross

Big “welcome back” chants for Kross as he relishes in the win.

We see legacy meet legacy as the Von Erichs meet up with the Mortons outside of the Grady Cole Center.

We see the treacherous Richard Holliday walking the halls as he and Cesar Duran have a joint announcement to make.

Out comes Holliday, but Hammerstone is right behind hi and he attacks his former firend.

We’ve got another educational cooking segment with Los Parks. A patron comes in upset that his meal is gluten free. LA Park nails the patron with his meal and makes clear they do not make bad food!

Gnarls Garvin vs. Gangrel

Garvin has a mic in hand and he demands his music to be shut off. Big Beef is the best fighter in all of the south. He came to MLW for fights, but all he’s gotten was a bunch of pansies. If someone sufficient doesn’t out than he’s done here. Well sure enough, Garvin gets a debuting Gangrel!

The bell sounds and the two fighters immediately lock up. Garvin corners Gangrel in the corner before the two trade shots center ring. Beef causes Gangrel to roll out of the ring, but Gangrel’s veteran savvy lets the brawl be his guide. The two men trade massive chops and the fight goes on until Garvin manages to get Gangrel back in the ring. Gangrel kicks the rope repeatedly that downs Garvin hard. Garvin manages to thrust Garvin in the corner and Garvin hits a Manhattan Drop and nails one beauty of a dropkick. Gangrel rolls out once more.

Gangrel grabs hold of the sickle he brought to the ring and jams it into Garvin’s forehead!

Cesar Duran apparently revels in the violence and word is he made this match No Disqualification! Garvin is bloodied up bad as Gangrel continues to nail Beef in the corner with repeated discus lariats. Running back elbow to Garvin. Gangrel hits a running bulldog. Garvin gets Gangrel down briefly but it’s the latter who sends the former into the guardrail! Garvin gets a boot up on the apron to block the momentum and Garvin levels Gangrel down.

Back in the ring, Gangrel puts Garvin up top and the blood sucker bites the crimson skull of Garvin. Garvin gets him off and goes for a top rope splash, but Gangrel moves and nails the Impaler DDT for the emphatic 1-2-3.

WINNER: Gangrel

What sort of message is Gangrel sending to the league with that ruthless win?

We see Cesar Duran on the phone. In comes TJP. He tells Cesar that he’s the “lock” on his open door policy. TJP makes it cleaer he wants a title shot. Who walks in but EJ Nduka. He’s not pleased. If anybody deserves a title shot, but he wants a piece of 5150. It doesn’t matter to Duran if he finds a partner or not, it looks like the Judge has his opportunity. As a matter of fact, he has a partner of his choice.

We see Holliday who is still fleeing from Hammerstone. Mister Saint Laurant wants to pitch Holliday the idea of Microman coffee beans but here comes Hammer! Holliday shoves MSL in his way and continues to run!

We see some Azteca henchmen exit Cesar Duran’s office and who enters but Savio Vega. He takes some of the green that is likely owed to him before opening up a carry-all that has Microman in it! It looks like MM has some intel from being in Duran’s digs.

It’s main event time!

Stairway to Hell Match
Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu

Both fighters have a weapon of their choice hanging above the ring. A Baklei War club hangs for Kurgger while Fatu has a Maliliu Cane wrapped in razor wire!

The fight starts immediately as Krugger dives through the ropes which sends a ladder smashing into Fatu! Krugger is quick to ascend the ladder and sure enough, gets his club, but Fatu immediately dumps Krugger, talks some trash and pops him up for a Samoan Drop! “Fatu” chants echo through the Grady Cole Center as Krugger is tied up in the corner. Fatu leans the ladder and then body slams Krugger down. He slams the ladder on top of Krugger and does his patented springboard moonsault!

Fatu sets the ladder center ring and chops Krugger down. Fatu climbs reaches for the cane wrapped in razor wire but Mads powerbombs him down! Massive “Fatu” chants occur once more as Krugger finds a steal chair. He cracks Jacob harshly across the back not once, but twice! Krugger gets Fatu back in the ring. He throws another chair in the ring and chops Fatu down.

The Mercenary mentality appears to be paying off for Mads, but Fatu changes that momentum when Fatu ragdolls Krugger into the leaning ladder. Fatu quickly climbs, but so does Krugger. Fatu headbutts him down and he’s got the Malalu cane! Hw nails Mads in the mid section with it! Several more shots go down as Fatu talks his patented trash before we go to another quick break!

Fatu corners Mads with a chair over his head. Fatu grabs a chair of his own and comes off with a Van Terminator to his adversary!

Fatu covers: 1-2-no!

Fatu sets the ladder up in the corner before grabbing his cane once again. He cracks Mads with a cane and sure enough, Krugger is a bloody mess. “We want tables” chants from Charlotte and Fatu finds one for them. He sets it up. Krugger was playing possum and the two fighters find themselves up atop of the ladder. Krugger gets the better of the exchange and superplexes Fatu through the wood!

Both men try to drape an arm over one another but somehow each grappler gets a shoulder up. The two fight on their feet before Fatu nails a big swinging uranage! 1-2-no!

Suddenly, here comes Ikuro Kwon. Krugger cracks Jacob with his club from behind and hits his full nelson faceplant! 1-2-3.

WINNER: Mads Krugger

Kwon was the difference maker and Mads “Hails CONTRA.” That doesn’t sit well with Fatu who cracks the mercenary with a chair and security has to separate the two!

Backstage we see Hammer giving his pursuit to Holliday and sure enough, the champ gets his hands on him. $1000 worth of clothes get ripped off Richard’s body before he flees to the outside, hops in the limo with Alicia and leaves Charlotte intact!

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