Cesar Duran vs. Hammerstone signed for this Friday in Dallas


Cesar Duran to step in the ring this Frida in Dallas?!

Cesar Duran to step in the ring this Frida in Dallas?!

Cesar Duran has signed a shocking and controversial bout featuring Cesar Duran vs. Alex Hammerstone in a NO HOLDS BARRED match for Friday, April 1 at Cesar Duran’s MLW AZTECA UNDERGROUND hosted by Gilley’s in Downtown Dallas with a special 2pm matinee, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping and interactive experience.

🎟Grab your tickets at http://www.MLWLucha.com and Eventbrite.

Making his in-ring debut, the proprietor of Azteca Underground and MLW Matchmaker Cesar Duran has booked himself in a shocking match against the World Champion – in a no holds barred match.

Hammerstone, who is already set to compete in a tag match with the Von Erichs versus Richard Holliday, King Muertes and Mads Krugger will now be forced into a second match.

Vowing to showcase his excellence in lucha, Duran predicts Hammerstone will be on the mat begging to quit in under 5 minutes. 

Duran and Hammerstone have quarreled for months, ever since Cesar Duran tried to put his hooks into the World Champion following winning the title. Never one to be under the thumb of someone, Hammer rejected Cesar’s pursuit to control the champ. Ever since then, the two sides have clashed.

Denying this is a publicity stunt, Cesar Duran promises “violent consequences” for Hammerstone. Which begs the question: what does El Jefe have in store this Friday in Dallas?

Find out as Cesar Duran presents MLW AZTECA UNDERGROUND!

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