Fusion Recap: Ricky Steamboat Becomes Interim Matchmaker In Charlotte


The man who wields all the power, MLW Matchmaker Cesar Duran, kicks off this episode of Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) and asks his renegades if they’re ready for some lucha!

He knows the history of North Carolina. “Charlotte is nice, but let’s be honest, this is no Mexico.” He calls the city a trash can full of ghosts. What Duran has in mind is the end of this town.

Suddenly, the lights dim and “Ricky” chants begin. It’s indeed “The Dragon!” Ricky Steamboat has stepped foot into Major League Wrestling! Ricky shakes hands with the fans and the Grady Cole Center is going bezerk.

Cesar Duran patronizes the “all time great” and thinks it’s great that he came here to kiss his “ring.” Ricky reveals he’s been made the interim matchmaker for the evening! Not only that, but Duran is under investigation! That means Duran can’t be in the building and he chops Cesar’s Azteca henchman down! 

Before Steamboat has a moment to make some announcements, out comes the Clout Couple, Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout. Holliday “welcomes” Ricky to Major League Wrestling. 

Holliday says Ricky has an opportunity tonight to make something really great. As matchmaker, maybe Steamboat should put HIM in line for the MLW Heavyweight Championship. Steamboat polls the fans. Holliday gets boos. 

Alicia Atout makes clear that “her man” deserves a big match. Well, wish granted. He will wrestle one-on-one tonight with Matt Cross. Holliday is irate, but that’s The Dragon’s final call.

Backstage, Emilio Sparks is with EJ Nduka and Calvin Tankman AKA Hustle & Power AKA your new World Tag Team Champions. Both Tank & The Judge are thankful for their family and who comes in to congratulate the new duo but Myron Reed. The World Middleweight is in action next against “open door closer” TJP.

World Middleweight Championship
TJP vs. Myron Reed (c)

The Young GOAT looks ready as TJP casually crouches in the corner. The bell sounds and the two fighters take their time, especially TJP.

TJP tries to secure the ground game and manages to do so with a snap spinning headscissors. TJP tries to control the pace with pin attempts but Reed shows why he’s a worthy champ by escaping his offense.

TJP soon makes a focus of Myron’s right shoulder and wraps it around the ring post. He gets Reed grounded in the middle of the ring and steps on Myron’s mug. TJP hits a slingshot senton for a two count.

Perkins’ sights are still set on Myron’s shoulder as he keeps control on the canvas with more pin attempts. Myron gets to his feet, but it’s only to get caught in the octopus stretch. TJP downs him and goes for a surfboard stretch attempt. He gets it locked in and Myron’s in massive pain. He drops Reed down for a near fall as we head to break.

It takes a bit, but Reed gets fired up after hitting a sharp enziguri to TJP. He has Perkins well scouted, but so does TJP as he catches him with a neckbreaker right on the apron. TJP nails a Mamba Splash and he covers: 1-2-no!

Pin attempts are made by both men but Reed kicks at TJP’s skull. He goes for a No Cap Splash, but TJP rolls and locks in an armbar into an STF. Reed gets to the ropes.

Reed continues to utilize his legs rather than his hurting shoulder, but that allows TJP to hit a tornado DDT. TJP turns an octopus stretch into a crucifix slam. TJP goes up for another Mamba Splash, but Reed nails him with a cutter out of nowhere! 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed

The Von Erichs were in Dallas, TX earlier this week as Marshall and Ross (along with World Champion Alex Hammerstone) were on hand to present the World Class Championship title to the University of Northern Texas. Now you can see a true wrestling relic in the great city of Dallas!

Matt Cross vs. Richard Holliday (with Alicia Atout)

Holliday showcased his bloodthirst early on as he relentlessly assaults Cross in the corner, but Cross’ athleticism plays to Matt’s benefit. He nails Holliday with a suicide dive and Charlotte is fired up!

He gets Holliday back in the ring for a near fall. Holliday manages to trip up Cross on the top turnbuckle and Holliday levels him down with a lariat. Rich stomps away at Matt in the corner before giving him a chop in the adjacent one to set Matt up for a mid-ring neckbreaker. 1-2-kickout.

Holliday soon as Cross draped over the bottom rope and it allows Alicia to dig her fingernails into the head of Cross!

Richard attempts a pin on Cross, but Matt shows his endurance. A frustrated Rich fish hooks Matt, but Cross gets a boot up and then cracks Rich with pump kick counters. Cross nails a springboard crossbody and gets a very near fall!

Matt is all sorts of amped up. Holliday tries a 2008 but Cross hits him with a springboard Cross Cutter for the pin attempt: 1-2-kickout!

Cross has Richard down and ascends the top for a shooting star attempt! Holliday scouts it, moves, hits an uppercut to Cross and nails the 2008 for the final 1-2-3.

WINNER: Richard Holliday

Richard and Alicia partake in a post-match kiss as the Clout Couple rubs the victory in the fans’ faces.

Rich Bocchini tries to get a word with Holliday but Alicia makes clear she’s the interview queen. What’s running through Holliday’s mind? “You, baby.” But he also realizes he’s the sole proprietor of the Dynasty.

We take a special look at one half of the new World Tag Team Champions, “The Judge” EJ Nduka.

Emilio catches hold of the Bomaye Fight Club. He’s heard a rumor: who’s the major player for the Fight Club? Kane calls him out for his unprofessionalism. “I need answers!” Emilio exclaims.

It’s main event time.

Ricky & Kerry Morton vs. The Von Erichs

“Rock and roll” chants echo through the Grady Cole Center as the father and son tandem are set to face their amigos, the Von Erichs.

The four men exchange hand shakes before the bell sounds as Charlotte is amped to see history take place. It’s Kerry and Ross starting the fight off as the two fighters get down to the ground game.Kerry gets a quick one count but Ross pops right up. Kerry has a side headlock before hitting Ross with twisting cross body for a two count. 

Ross shoulder tackles Kerry down, but Morton leaps over Ross and downs him again. “Rock and roll” chants continue. Ricky Morton gets tagged in and hits his patented running knee lift on Ross. Kerry and Ricky double lariat Ross down. 

Ross catches Kerry with a running boot in the corner and tags in Marshall who hits a beautiful dropkick. Marshall drops Kerry and Ross gets the tag back for a stereo dropkick (a Rock n’ Roll Express signature). Some gamesmanship is afoot.

The Von Erichs hit a running boot and smash to Kerry in the corner. Another boot by Ross sets Marshall up for standing moonsault. Ricky breaks up the pin and then hits a Canadian Destroyer to Ross. Marshall locks in the claw on Ricky! THe Von Erichs hit a Claw Slam and get the 1-2-3 on Ricky!

WINNERS: The Von Erichs

Marshall is too amped up to relinquish the hold and Kerry takes exception to that. Ricky tries to recover, but here comes Dr. Julius Smokes. He says he doesn’t smell nothing but trailer park trash in the ring. As he runs down Charlotte and the fighters in the ring, the four men get ambushed by 5150! The Von Erichs and Mortons reunite to clear house! “Von Erichs – you will die!” shouts Smokes as the legendary families celebrate in the ring.

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