Fusion Recap: Alex Kane Defends Openweight Title In A Fatal Five-Way Of Fight Styles


MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) fires off with Cesar Duran who has maneuvered himself back as the matchmaker in MLW.

Hailing from Dallas, we have Danny Limelight Rivera walk down to the ring with Julius Smokes. He gets on the mic to say Slice Boogie had a run-in at the Dallas airport, but Rivera is going to get Court Bauer to pay the bail. Rivera begins to rip into Dallas and tears down the Von Erichs. When their father gets brought up, Ross and Marshall come out. That was all part of Rivera’s plan as who attacked them from behind but Hernandez! Marshall gets isolated as Hernandez sends Ross through a table via over the top Border Toss! Officials and referees, including Savio Vega, come out to check on the brothers.

We see Cesar Duran sitting in his office. Now with the matchmaking reigns back in his hands, he books a fatal four way between four types of styles and Alex Kane’s National Openweight Title will be on the line. Duran is  interrupted by Mads Krugger who wants his hands on one man: Alex Hammerstone. Cesar seems more than willing to offer the World Heavyweight Champion down.


TJP vs. Matt Cross

The two fighters are MLW originals and actually debuted on the same episode of Underground back in 2002. TJP has a tactic to try and slow Cross down, but the two find themselves in a stalemate. TJP cracks a crisp head scissors takedown. It’s not long before Cross returns with one of his own. He follows that up with a slingshot cross body to the outside. TJP slows Matt down by methodically breaking his foe down.

TJP puts Matt in an upside down pendulum before wrenching the right arm and leg of Cross. TJP covers Cross for a two count.

TJP boot washes Matt in the corner, but Matt manages to find his window of opportunity. Both men slug it out with knees on the canvas before trading kicks. TJP catches Cross with an inverted Capture Suplex. TJP soon cracks Cross with a crucifix driver for a very near fall. Cross is out of sorts after that one.  Cross musters up enough wherewithal to block a Detonation Kick and hit a Cross Cutter. Matt Cross leaps off top with a shooting star press: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Matt Cross

We see Hammerstone backstage. He notes how much has changed since the Dynasty disbanded. He always considered Holliday a close friend, someone who was always there for him during big life events. Was that all a ruse? Was it just for his Heavyweight Title. Well come Kings of Colosseum in Philadelphia, Holliday will realize it will lead him to a place he’ll never want to be.

A fan comes up to Alex Kane and asks him about the match just booked tonight. Kane says he’ll take on any style. Tonight the mission is simple: the mission is submission: “BOMAYE! BOMAYE! BOMAYE!”

Well “wish granted” as he gets a mystery super heavyweight added to the mix!


Holidead (with Gangrel & Dr. Dax) vs. Shazza McKenzie

McKenzie makes her MLW debut and the two women lock up. Holidead chops Shazza in the corner. Shazza senses trouble is afoot and turns her focus to Dr. Dax as she leaps onto the monster. Holidead seizes the moment and charges Shazza head first into the corner turnbuckles. Holidead continues the ruthlessness. Shazza gets booted down and Holidead stomps away at her opponent! As Shazza’s in the tree of woe, Dax takes a moment to choke her!

Shazza finds her groove by kicking Holidead on the apron, but Hollidead turns the tide with a swinging flatliner. 1-2-kick out.

Shazza goes for another stunner attempt, but Holidead nails a modified jawbreaker. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Holidead

Post-match, Holidead notes how she found a sound mentor in Gangrel. She plans to run through the Featherweight Division for the upcoming title.

Cesar Duran is back in his office listening to music, but Jacob Fatu barges in. He gets himself involved in the World Title match next week at Intimidation Games.

We see another video package on Hammerstone, but Holliday is irate that the champ is getting all this fanfare. There’s one silver lining: Cesar Duran is back in control and that’s a good thing. Atout knows why but won’t tell.


National Openweight Championship

Puma King vs. ACH vs. Myron Reed vs. Juicy Fainu vs. Alex Kane (c) 

Juiicy Finau is in excess of 450 lbs and the big man exerts his power to start off the five-man fight. It happens to be ACH finding the window of attack by taking out all men with a series of topes. He hits a German on Kane for a near fall!

Juicy breaks up another pin attempt by ACH and Finau catches both him and Reed for a double Samoan Drop! Suddenly a masked man comes out to attack Myron! Alex Kane’s attention is now on Puma King and he secures the submission win with a crossface!

WINNER and STILL MLW National Openweight Champion: Alex Kane

Post-match, BOMAYE Fight Club get into Calvin Tankman’s face who’s on commentary. Tankman’s co-champion in EJ Nduka comes out to level the playing field for him and Reed, but Kane creeps from behind to crack Tank with a steel chair! He stays a step ahead of Tankman once more!

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