Fusion Recap: Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland Seeks A ‘Killshot’ Against Myron Reed


This week’s MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) is full of main event matches as two titles are on the line, but we also get “The American Wolf” Davey Richards facing off against “The Sole Proprietor” Richard Holliday. As a matter of fact, that kicks off tonight’s episode!


Davey Richards vs. Richard Holliday (with Alicia Atout)

The bell rings and the two lock up in a test of strength. Holliday wrenches the arm, but Davey Richards does Davey Richards things and kicks himself free.

Davey attempts another test of strength, but Holliday kicks him in the gut instead. Richards fends Holliday off but Holliday cracks him with a spinebuster. Alicia Atout sees a window to hang Davey over the bottom rope.  This gives Rich plenty of leverage for offense. 

Davey however, displays his core strength and flips Holliday over his head! It’s a see-saw battle and  ultimately it’s Davey’s veteran savvy. He sets Rich up for his patented double stomp up top, but Richard rolls to safety. Davey spots it and rolls through the landing. Holliday comes up lame and Davey twists him into a trailer hitch! Richard has to make it to the ropes and does.

A series of kicks levels Holliday down. Holliday does catch Davey with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a very close fall. Holliday goes for a 2008 but Richards rolls through and gets in an ankle lock. davey turns it into a kick and covers, but he only gets a one count! Holliday has found a sudden second wind and he quickly gets a lariat in. He seizes the moment to get th2008 and the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Richard Holliday

Rich Bocchini tries to get a word in with the Clout Couple but Alicia demeans the play-by-play man as the “only” Richard stakes his claim for Hammerstone’s World Title.

It was 5150 who stole the donated World Class Title and the Von Erichs promise there’s a reckoning coming for the former tag champs!

We got a confrontation between Mr. Thomas and the Judge EJ Nduka, the current tag champ of Hustle & Power. Mr. Thomas asks The Judge why he’s running with a “bum” like Tankman and EJ ain’t having any of that discourse. “I’ll see you tonight, Turbo.”

We get details about the Golden Assassin, Octagon Jr. who continues to follow his path of destiny in Major League Wrestling. Next week, he’s in a Caribbean Championship Cyclone Match.


World Tag Team Championship

Hustle & Power vs. Budd Heavy & Redd Pickens

The bell rings and there’s big “Hustle Power” chants in Dallas, EJ’s hometown. Pickens is first to feel the wrath as Tank chops him up to set him up for some Power to that Hustle by EJ Nduka. It’s utter dominance as the champs get the easy 1-2-3.

WINNERS and STILL Tag Team Champions: Hustle & Power

Post-fight, EJ and Tank make it clear they are keeping those titles by any mean.

MLW originals Los Maximos are returning to the League for Kings of Colosseum in Philadelphia on May 13!

We see Richard Holliday in Cesar Duran’s office post victory. He’s so happy Duran “upped” the security here. He praises Duran for what Beastia 666 did to Fatu and that man happens to be standing behind him. Holliday makes his exit as there’s payment to be made for Beastia’s actions. A stack of cash is offered: “Not enough.” It’s not about the money for him. It’s about Fatu. He wants him in a fight. Fair enough. He has the Samoan Werewolf in an Apocalypto match next week. Beastia walks off, but not before he takes the cash.

Myron Reed was blindsided by a masked man several weeks back and he’s ready to settle the score with Duran’s assailant. It’s main event time.


MLW World Middleweight Championship

Myron Reed (c) vs. Shane Strickland

The champ comes out first this time around and Myron lets Dallas know that the Young GOAT is in the building. He’s feeling some “injustice” again. He calls out Cesar Duran. Sure enough, Duran saunters out to tell Reed that he’s not a GOAT when he acts like a sheep. Reed better be a moving target cause here comes a “Killshot.” Sure enough, the former MLW World Champion comes out. The current AEW fighter aims to take that Middleweight belt elsewhere.

This fight is fast-paced and Myron makes his presence known with a crisp enziguri, but Swerve yanks down on the top rope and cracks Reed to the outside.

The fight goes back in the ring and Myron fights him off. Swerve boots him in the corner but it’s Reed who shows his fortitude with a leg drop over the middle rope.

Reed seize the moment with an over the top cross body to the outside. Reed hits a rope-assisted DDT and gets a near fall. Myron goes for a Flame On, but Shane catches and snaps the elbow of Reed. Reed uses that elbow to send Swerve crumbling to the apron, but a low dropkicks stuns Myron. Reed counters with a cutter, Swerve counters with a pop-up pancake, a kick and a cutter of his own. Strickland nails a Swerve Stomp and he gets a very near fall on the champ, but Reed does fight on.

Swerve continues to focus on the left arm. Reed gets sent to the outside, but runs down the ramp and leaps in for his Flame On cutter, but Swerve catches him with an armlock, Reed perseveres and gets some pin attempts in. Swerve shoots him off, but that’s a big mistake as Myron Reed uses that momentum to bounce off the ropes and hit a Flame On for the win!

WINNER and STILL World Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed

We cut to 5150. They’re out by a river in Dallas. Danny Limelight Rivera takes that World Class Title and throws it in the river!

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