Fusion Recap: Cesar Duran Challenges Hammerstone For Heavyweight Gold


The billed main event of this week’s MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) may even have Strange Sangre scratching their heads in surreality as league matchmaker Cesar Duran decided to put himself in the ring against Alex Hammerstone. The title is technically on the line, but what is really at stake for Duran as he almost certainly has a plan in order?

First, we see Microman and Mister Saint Laurent enter Dallas in the Micromobile! MSL recieves a note from Cesar Duran that if Microman loses his match tonight, he’s gone from MLW!

We kick off matters in the arena with Rivera who won’t stop talking trash on Texas. Rivera is facing Davey Richards and he says that Richards ain’t an American Wolf, but an old dog and he’s going to put him down. Enter the Wolf and we’re ready for a fight.

Rivera vs. Davey Richards

It’s Rivera who is quick to utilize the ropes to escape the submission expertise of Davey. Davey goes for a test of strength, but Richards gets a kick in the gut. Rivera tries to wrench the arm but Richards sure is more wolf than old dog in escaping.

A neckbreaker downs Davey and Rivera uses the ropes for a springboard senton. Rivera hammers some elbows into Davey’s head as we head to break.

Back from it, Rivera paintbrushes Davey, but Davey gets back to wrestling. He catches Rivera on the ring apron to do his patented dragon screw off the second rope.

Davey misses his double stomp from the top, but calls an audible in getting Rivera in a trailer hitch! Rivera just barely makes it to the ropes!

Davey catches Rivera with a Savate kick. However, it’s not long before Rivera nails Davey with a DDT. Two count.

Danny singles for the end, but Richards slugs himself out of the suplex position. It sure turns into a slugfest. Big kick by Davey opens him for a suplex and another kick. Two count!

Richards pops Rivera with a stalling cradle piledriver and secures the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Davey Richards 

After the match, Davey says there’s no shame in losing to someone like Hammerstone. That still made the Wolf hungry. He issues a challenge to Alex Kane!

We have new entries into the Battle Riot IV!

EJ Nduka

Jacob Fatu

Mini Abismo Negro

Budd Heavy

Matt Cross

Ross Von Erich

We see Cesar Duran getting “ready” for for his fight against Hammer, but enter the Von Erichs. They make it clear when they are going to get their Tag Title shot. Duran doesn’t give a clear indicator and Marshall breaks a block of karate wood from Duran’s henchman’s fist.

Strange Sangre & TJP vs. Aerostar, El Dragon & Microman

Microman first wants action against the arrogant TJP but he tags himself out. 

A miscue by Strange Sangre allows Aerostar to show off his offense. TJP comes in from out of nowhere to attack and hits his patented armbreaker. In comes Microman and TJP gets a little too cocky for his own good. Microman makes him pay by striking hims down to size.

Strange Sangre gets the momentum back in their favor and they hit a top rope combo splash for a near fall before we head to break!

Team Microman find themselves in great peril but they get on same page when Microman gives Strange Sangre pause! This allows Aerostar and El Dragon to do a double top ropoe drop kick. Microman gets elevated for a splash of his own, and Holidead tries to interfere but she lands on her team!

Soon enough, there’s a pile of bodies on the outside after a wild amount of diving attacks. Microman aims to do the same, but the opportunist TJP takes him out. He tries to get Microman in a submission but Microman turns it into a Mirco-wa armbar! He hits TJP with a 6-1-1-9! Microman gets slammed down hard and Mini Abismo Negro gets put up in a victory roll by Microman for the win!

WINNERS: Microman, Aerostar & El Dragon

Fatu interrupts Karate Kid Duran to let him know his plans of taking him out have backfired and Duran is shocked.

World Heavyweight Championship
Cesar Duran vs. Alex Hammerstone

There’s plenty of pomp and circumstance for Duran as he’s flanked by his henchman. Out comes Hammerstone to a big reaction from Dallas. The official introductions are made and it’s clear that Duran has his statistics a little…embellished. Duran sure makes most of the moment. They hand the announcer Tim Barr some notes for Hammerstone’s introduction and it’s not favorable to him or America. Duran gets the mic and asks if they’re ready to see Hammerstone get hammered by Duran. Duran says he has a gift for him: an excuse for when he wins. Hammer must fight him with one arm tied behind his back. 

Hammerstone knows that something sure is up, but agrees. One more stipulation: Duran gets a chair. As the fight gets ready to fire off, out comes Holliday.  Richard says this looks like a joke, a farce if you will. If anybody is going to wrestle for the Heavyweight Championship, it should be him because it was alway “ME.” Holliday takes advantage of the moment and stomps away at Hammer! This all had to be set-up by Duran!

Hammerstone is down as ref Frank Gastineau check on the champ, but Holliday isn’t done. He assaults his former brother with a steel chair as Duran gets on the mic and says how much he loves this violence.  Holliday grabs hold of the World Title belt. Duran says he loves surprises and he’s got two more for the champion: out come Mads Krugger and King Muertes. Before too much damage can get done, out come the Von Erichs! Duran is not pleased and states that they crossed the boss. He says a trios match will go down between the six!

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