Juicy Finau enters the Battle Riot


All 3 members of the Samoan SWAT Team will riot in NYC June 23

Major League Wrestling today announced the Samoan SWAT Team’s Juicy Finau as a participant in the 40-wrestler Battle Riot as MLW returns to New York City’s Melrose Ballroom on June 23, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping.

🎟Limited tickets are available at www.MLWNYC.com and on Eventbrite.

Joining the stacked list of participants in this year’s Battle Riot is the Samoan SWAT Team’s super heavyweight Juicy Finau.

The SST has sent tidal waves through MLW, since uniting last month. The “SWAT” in Samoan SWAT Team stands for “Samoans with a Tongan”.

Big Juicy Finau, who is considered family by the Fatu/Anoa’i clan, is Tongan and the SWAT team celebrates their shared Polynesian culture both in and away from the ring. 

Now with all 3 members of the SST in the Riot, could the SWAT Team wreck shop and win the Riot?

If fate is on their side with their entry numbers, the Riot could get very interesting!

See the SST LIVE in New York City on June 23 at MLW Battle Riot IV!

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